Nutri Chomps 6′′ Assorted Flavor Braids

nutri chomps

As with humans, dogs need to chew in order to satisfy their natural instinct and maintain dental health by clearing away plaque and tartar build-up. Nutri Chomps chews are made of oven-baked pork skin infused with real chicken meat enriched with vitamins and minerals – providing 100% digestibility! They have even been recommended and approved by Jungle Jack Hanna himself! Veterinary approved and long-lasting chews make these long-lasting treats suitable for dogs between 30-50 lb in weight.

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Premium NutriChomps 6′′ Assorted Flavor Braids

Giving your dog a safe and nutritious rawhide alternative with these Premium Nutri Chomps 6” Assorted Flavor Braids will keep them looking their best while being safe from harm. Crafted from real chicken & pork skin and oven baked until perfectly chewable, these knotted chews provide high levels of protein & fiber with low carb content for easier digestion as well as promote dental health by scraping away plaque & tartar while they chew! Plus they’re packed full of vitamins & minerals that support various systems for added health!

Chewing is an instinctual behavior that helps relieve anxiety and stress, strengthen teeth and jaws, and relieve boredom in our canine companions. Providing them with safe outlets to channel this powerful instinct should always be top priority; our veterinarian-recommended alternatives are 100% rawhide free made from pig skin and packed with six essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E for supporting circulatory system health and Riboflavin for eye/skin wellness.

Premium NutriChomps Chicken Wrapped Twists

Features 6-in twist-shaped dog chews containing an irresistibly tasty chicken strip will have your pup excitedly wagging their tail in anticipation. Crafted using oven-baked pork skin wrapped with real chicken meat, and vitamin and mineral-enriched, these rawhide alternatives make for the ideal treat!

NutriChomps are 100% rawhide-free chews designed for maximum digestibility and easy digestion for even the pickiest eaters, plus they help promote dental health by scraping away plaque and tartar as your pup chews!

Rawhide bones and chews may be cost-effective and long-term treats for pets, but they contain harmful chemicals and pose a significant health hazard to pets. Rawhide is indigestible, staying in your dog’s digestive tract for days and releasing toxic glues and bleach into his bloodstream before finally being passed or swallowed and possibly swelling to four times its original size, increasing risk of painful blockage. NutriChomps, however, are made without rawhide; plus they’re fortified with vitamins and minerals to support overall wellness for your pet!

Premium NutriChomps Mini Peanut Butter Knots

Rawhide alternatives like Premium NutriChomps provide a healthy way for dogs to satisfy their natural urge to chew. Constructed from real chicken meat and pork skin that’s easily digestible, Premium NutriChomps contain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E to aid circulatory health, Manganese Sulfate for nervous system support, and Riboflavin for digestive health support.

NutriChomps offer an alternative to popular cowhide bones which often contain toxic substances like bleach, formaldehyde and glue; they’re safe from these threats while being easy for your cat to digest compared to indigestible rawhide which can swell fourfold over time and potentially create painful intestinal blockages.

Packed with delicious peanut butter flavor, these treats satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew while providing essential vitamins and minerals. Not only are these treats gentle on digestion, they also promote dental health by scraping away plaque and tartar as they chew! Each treat comes in its own resealable bag to ensure freshness.

Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

Chewing is an instinctual behavior for dogs that strengthens their jaws, aids digestion and prevents plaque and tartar build-up – acting like Mother Nature’s toothbrush! While rawhides were once popular choices as chew toys for pups, their digestibility can sometimes prove challenging and they may contain chemicals – these risks have led veterinarians to recommend that pet parents look for safe rawhide alternatives.

There are a variety of long-lasting and healthy alternatives to rawhide that don’t smell or cause gastric irritation, such as deer or elk antlers that don’t splinter, as well as delicious beef esophagus chews which also come packed with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health – as well as being high in protein content!

Fieldcrest Farm Nothin’ to Hide twist sticks are an excellent option for lighter chewers. Free from common food allergens and slowly-roasted to enhance flavor, these chew sticks make an excellent option for both sensitive dogs and powerful chewers alike.