3 Ingredient Pupcakes

3 ingredient pupcakes

Dog cakes can be an easy and tasty way to show your furry pal some special love. Best of all, these treats can be created using ingredients safe for their diet.

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Make sure to use only natural peanut butter without added sugars or Xylitol (an artificial sweetener toxic for dogs). This recipe also uses pumpkin, which is easy on stomachs while providing essential nutrition.


Mix together some simple ingredients, and you can bake up a delicious pupcake treat for your pet’s next birthday, Gotcha Day or special event! They make ideal treats that can be customized into cute shapes like dog bones and paw prints before being decorated with low-fat peanut butter frosting or yogurt for decoration.

Make this recipe as straightforward or complex as desired by adding additional ingredients like shredded carrots, homemade dog treats, blueberries, cheese, milk or even bacon! However, be careful of including toxic foods like chocolate (which is harmful for dogs) or xylitol.

As part of your snack preparations, choose an appropriate peanut butter. A natural option without added xylitol may be ideal; other nut butter varieties should also work, although make sure that its label doesn’t indicate otherwise. A few drops of vanilla or almond extract can add an additional sweet touch.


Make this dog cake with ease to commemorate any special event for your furry pal, such as birthdays or adoption days! All-natural ingredients and an all-dog friendly frosting made up entirely of peanut butter make for the ideal celebratory cake that won’t weigh down their paws with butter or cream cheese frostings!

This recipe is an adaptation of my three ingredient Puppy Cupcakes and uses pumpkin for additional nutrition and as a natural stomach soother. Additionally, yogurt provides essential probiotics while the peanut butter and banana add additional nutrition for dogs.

Assure that the peanut butter contains no Xylitol, which is toxic for dogs, and steer clear of chocolate which is also toxic to their health. In terms of frosting options, consider mashed potatoes, bananas or plain yogurt as great alternatives – these options will make for easy frosting applications!


If you want to vary this simple dog cake recipe, why not add different forms of frosting for your pup’s enjoyment? Peanut butter and Greek yogurt are popular choices – both contain low levels of fat while providing plenty of protein while tasting great to dogs too!

Add baking powder to the cake batter for an airier and fluffier cake, perfect for dogs that might choke on dry dog cakes.

Add some healthy banana, pumpkin or carrot puree for extra taste and nutrition in the form of healthy additions like this to make the cakes even more delectable and nutritional.

If your dog has a peanut allergy, try substituting almond or sunflower butter. Or make it vegan friendly using sweet potatoes and brown rice! A treat like this would make an awesome birthday present or anniversary treat!