How to Select the Best Chew Treats For Dogs

When selecting chews for your dog, take into account their preferences in terms of chew hardness/durability/length, ingredients, size and washability. Furthermore, ensure they are safe to prevent your pup from choking on pieces or swallowing any, as well as not contain extra calories.

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These long-lasting chews, made with one ingredient (beef trachea), are odor-free and low in fat content; providing your pup with something to do while alleviating boredom and supporting dental health by reducing plaque build-up.



Rawhide is an increasingly popular chew treat for dogs, providing dental benefits and satisfying natural instincts to chew. Unfortunately, rawhide can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues including intestinal blockage, vomiting and diarrhea; in extreme cases it could even present a choking hazard to some breeds of pet. Furthermore, rawhide could potentially contain Salmonella bacteria, leading to serious illnesses for both pets and humans alike.

Alternatives to rawhide include bully sticks made of beef pizzle, pork hide chews and Himalayan yak cheese chews which provide longer-term and more durable alternatives than rawhides. Some of these chews may even be safe for aggressive chewers – just ensure that they come from USA manufacturers with long-term chews suitable for all chewers!

Pork Skin

Pork skin makes an excellent dog treat. Low in calories and carbs, and rich in protein. Plus it’s loaded with essential fatty acids which may boost immune systems and brain functions!

Pork skin can easily digest in your dog’s stomach, providing vital sources of vitamins A and C while also improving skin and coat health by reducing dryness and shedding. Regular consumption will contribute to better overall coat health by keeping dryness at bay and lessening shedding.

Create homemade pig skin treats easily, affordably and your dog will go crazy over them! Just be sure to cut the pig skin to size before dehydrating to avoid too many tough treats later on!

Tripe Twist

Raw green tripe is packed with digestive enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria to facilitate digestion, improve metabolism and strengthen immunity. Furthermore, its amino acids can repair cartilage damage, heal wounds and boost antibody production – providing essential health benefits in one nutritious bite!

These natural treats are a nutritious alternative to rawhides, featuring low levels of fat and no additives or chemical preservatives. Made from all-natural dehydrated beef tripe from free-range cattle, they make an excellent chew for dogs of all ages – particularly their teeth! Their unique twisted shape also helps promote dental health by breaking up plaque and tartar build-up during chewing; plus it may reduce coprophagia (the practice of eating one’s own or others’ poop), providing protein, enzymes, and nutrients which often are lacking from such behavior.

Fish Skins

Fish skins provide low-calorie and nutrient-rich chew treats for dogs that are easily digestible. Their crunchy texture helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up, making them an excellent option for dogs with sensitive teeth or gums.

Polkadog offers dehydrated cod or wolffish skin treats in bite-sized cubes that make great treats for small breeds like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus, providing high value training treats with added bite! They can even make use of it as food.

These single-ingredient treats are sustainably sourced and freeze-dried to retain both their flavor and nutritional content. A great source of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat maintenance, they’re an ideal replacement for rawhide chews or other tough chews not suitable for smaller dogs.

Yak Cheese

Yak cheese is an all-natural chew made of natural ingredients and contains essential proteins to promote overall canine health and wellbeing. Plus, its free from artificial chemicals or preservatives and grain free, meaning no unpleasant odors!

Yak cheese chews offer your dog hours of entertainment while helping promote good dental health by clearing away plaque and tartar build-up. Chewing on this treat also promotes dental hygiene by eliminating plaque buildup on their teeth.

However, yak chews should only be given sparingly to avoid dental issues and choking hazards. Furthermore, it’s crucial that tummy upset is avoided and chewing sessions monitored closely in order to avoid overindulgence and overindulgence of this treat. Furthermore, choosing the appropriate chew for your dog based on size and age is also key.