No Grow Wild Bird Seed Mix

Ordinary bird seed can create an unsightly mess under your feeders, but this premium blend is better suited to garden use. Free from husks or germinating seeds, so there won’t be any unwanted weed shoots to compete with your prized blooms, it ensures an unsightly-free garden experience.

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Milo is a cheap filler that birds often forgo for something more appealing, making this recipe more likely to keep birds engaged with eating their meal.


No Husks

Wild bird seeds deposited onto soil typically undergo imbibition when placed in moist environments; this means the seed absorbs water from its surrounding environment and starts its journey towards germinating.

As a result, many bargain mixtures will contain seeds like sorghum that sprout and produce unsightly piles of waste seed debris or sprouted weeds in your garden, inviting vermin and insects into your space. These abandoned seeds could also attract unwanted vermin.

Our no grow blends offer high energy mixes that will attract year-round visiting birds without creating any mess or risking weed growth underneath your feeder. All seeds in these blends have been de-husked, cut or heat treated in order to stop germinated seeds from germinating, meaning more efficient bird foraging, while helping maintain a clean patio or lawn below your feeding station.

No Germinating Seeds

Under certain conditions, discarded husks from standard bird seed mixes may sprout into unsightly weeds that detract from birds while providing sustenance for vermin such as rats or mice.

Feed your birds no-growth bird mix that contains seeds that have been dehusked to prevent germinating and avoid creating an unsightly mess or encouraging weed growth underneath your feeder. This solution should help eliminate messiness while simultaneously stopping any potential for weed development under your feeder.

This high energy mix of hulled sunflower seeds and shelled peanuts features added calcium for birds, making it 100% edible and ideal for drawing wild birds to your yard. Plus, its use will eliminate messy piles of seed husks or seed-bred weeds which often accumulate under standard bird feeders!

No Weeds

Wild bird seeds that fall to the ground absorb water through absorption, increasing metabolic activity and sprouting roots; this process is called germination. Ordinary bird seed mixes often include high percentages of sorghum that goes uneaten by bird feeder visitors and can accumulate beneath your feeder as waste seed piles.

Unsightly piles of wasted seed can attract rodents and other uninvited visitors. A high quality no grow mix should not include seeds like sorghum that could attract unwanted pests; it should instead contain sunflower hearts, hulled millet, shelled peanuts and calcium supplements for maximum effectiveness.

These blends contain no wheat-containing ingredients, eliminating the risk of sprouting seeds being left behind on the ground and thus reducing weed growth in your garden. It is an ideal combination for both birds and gardeners! Suitable for feeding year round from any standard feeder, ground tray or bird table.

No Wheat

This wheat-free seed mixture ensures that fewer doves, pigeons and crows compete for your feeder space with finches and tits. Instead, this mix features black sunflower seeds, millet, and other nutritious ingredients designed to attract songbirds of smaller species.

Dehusking ensures less mess in your garden and no weed growth. Seed husks left behind after birds feed can create unsightly piles that attract rats or vermin, or, under certain conditions, even sprout.

Our no grow mix was specifically created to alleviate this issue using seeds that have been treated to prevent germination through cracking or heat treatment, which damages the endosperm, which triggers germination in seeds. As a result, these seeds won’t germinate, remaining dormant but still providing abundant nutrition to songbirds.