ACANA Dog Treats Review

ACANA High-Protein Biscuits Crunchy Beef Liver Recipe Dog Treats are an irresistible way to reward your pup. Made with fresh meats, these treats contain 85% animal protein and will leave your pet feeling satisfied.

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Champion Petfoods offers a wide variety of options, such as dry kibble and freeze-dried recipes. Their products are manufactured in both Canada and the United States.


Singles Treats

ACANA singles treats are a limited-ingredient, biologically appropriate line of freeze-dried snacks. This brand offers high-protein, low-glycemic snacks free from cereals, artificial preservatives and additives.

These freeze-dried dog treats are an ideal way to reward your pup and provide them with healthy nutrition without overfeeding. Containing 85% animal protein and being grain free, these treats are suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion systems.

ACANA takes great care in selecting only the highest-quality proteins, including free-run poultry, eggs and raw grass-fed meats from ranches in Kentucky and New England. These ingredients are then combined with fresh vegetables, fruits and botanicals for balanced nutrition.

Regionals Treats

Acana offers regional dog treats made with ingredients sourced from Kentucky’s lush farmlands and meadows. These grain-free, protein-packed dog foods come with various meat and fish recipes for maximum pet nutrition.

These treats do not contain any grains, soy, corn, wheat or tapioca and only use natural ingredients like pumpkin and spinach. These treats are ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems as they help keep their tummies happy and healthy.

Their formulas are packed with meat and protein, featuring wholeprey meat ratios and limited carbohydrates to mimic your pup’s biological diet. Plus, they include nutrient-rich inulin – an organic source of soluble fiber and prebiotic that encourages healthy bacteria growth in your pup’s digestive tract.

At Acana, the recipes are meticulously created with the utmost care and quality in mind – from the first ingredient to the last. All of their foods are created at DogStar Kitchens using only America’s best and freshest ingredients.

Heritage Treats

Acana heritage treats contain only the highest quality ingredients, guaranteeing your pup the optimal nutrition from their treat. Furthermore, these treats are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone involved.

The Acana Heritage line of products utilizes regionally sourced meats and vegetables, such as free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, cage-free eggs from local farms. Plus these low glycemic fruits and veggies to promote healthy digestion for your pup’s overall wellness.

ACANA’s biologically appropriate foods replicate the quantity, freshness and variety of meats nature intended dogs and cats to consume. Their menu boasts heritage red meats from Appalachian ranching country; free run poultry and eggs from nearby farms; wild caught fish from regional waters; as well as WholePrey ratios of fruits, vegetables and botanicals.

Acana recently opened a state-of-the-art kitchen in Kentucky to source its foods from trusted farmers, ranchers and fishermen. These human grade ingredients are then meticulously crafted into world-class pet foods by Acana’s Kentucky DogStar kitchens.

Heritage-Paleo Treats

Acana Pet Foods is a Canadian pet food manufacturer that produces an extensive range of dry foods and treats. Their four product lines vary, including one with regional ingredients and another that uses limited ingredients.

Their Heritage Paleo range recently underwent a revamp and now features an array of unique meat ingredients such as boar, rabbit and turkey alongside more conventional ones like chicken or pork.

This food is grain-free and protein-rich, featuring 60% premium animal ingredients. It provides your pup with a nutritionally appropriate mix of high-quality components that mirrors their evolutionary diet.

This recipe includes ingredients to nourish your dog’s gut and skin, giving him the strength to transition into his forever home. It’s packed with prebiotics and fiber, omega 3s and 6s for shine in their coat, plus plenty of antioxidants to protect their immune systems.