Benefits of an Elevated Dog Feeder

elevated dog feeder

An elevated dog feeder consists of a bowl that rests atop a stand or other form of support above the floor, typically several inches to several feet off of it.

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Elevated feeders come equipped with different features, like food storage. However, all work to provide dogs with a more comfortable eating position. Though some studies suggest elevated feeders could increase risk of bloat in dogs, this remains uncertain and debated by animal health experts.


Prevents Bloat

Elevated dog feeders have long been touted as a way to prevent Gastric Dilatation Volvulus; however, research has yet to prove their efficacy in doing so. Therefore, it would be worthwhile discussing this option with your vet as possible prevention measures for gastric dilatation volvulus (GIV).

elevated dog dishes offer many advantages to help dogs eat and drink easier, eliminating the need to bend down as much. This is particularly beneficial for older pets or those suffering from arthritis as it lessens strain on both back and neck while eating.

Elevated dishes may help dogs with megaesophagus, a condition wherein their oesophagus becomes enlarged and limited movement occurs, making it hard for food to pass from throat to stomach.

More Comfortable for Dogs

Arthritic dogs may find it painful to bend down for their food or water bowl on the floor, so an elevated dog feeder provides them with an easier and more comfortable way to access their meals and beverages.

Elevated dog dishes may also help dogs suffering from megaesophagus, an enlarged esophagus which prevents food and liquid from moving down into their stomach. This condition often leads to regurgitations or swallowing problems as food enters their lungs or decays in their throats.

Elevated feeding stations may help relieve these symptoms by allowing gravity to take its course and push food directly down into their stomach, providing relief from megaesophagus symptoms and improving their quality of life. Plus, elevated feeding stations are easier for owners to clean than traditional bowls on the floor!

Makes it Easier for You to Reach

An elevated bowl makes feeding easier on older dogs or those suffering from arthritis; less strain is put on their back and joints, providing additional relief. This is an especially beneficial feature.

Many raised bowls feature a built-in water bottle notch to make it easier for owners to refill their dog’s food and water, providing an ideal option for busy families!

Weighted bases on some raised feeders provide another feature designed to prevent their bowl from tipping over, making these perfect for pets that like to play with their food, or large breeds who may struggle keeping its bowl upright without assistance. Some styles also come with stylish designs to complement your home decor.

More Hygienic

If your pup tends to turn his water bowl into an overflowing pool, elevated dishes may help maintain a cleaner environment.

Elevated food bowls may provide relief to dogs with neck or back problems by relieving pressure off their bodies during eating. Elevated feeders may also benefit those who suffer from megaoesophagus – when their oesophagus becomes enlarged and limited in motility – by keeping their stomach content away from being swallowed all at once.

Elevated bowls help avoid this situation by keeping food and water at an appropriate height for dogs to enjoy. Some elevated dog bowls even come equipped with lids to contain spilled food or liquid and reduce mess on the floor during feedings – making cleanup much simpler! No longer must you crawl around on hands and knees cleaning the feeding area after each feeding!

Prevents Getting Dirty

An elevated feeder can help your dog avoid soiling its dish during meals. Food debris that settles under floor-level pet dishes can collect moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Elevated pet feeders can also help your dog’s eating area remain more organized by preventing him or her from moving their bowl around during mealtime, which could potentially cause them to spill food or water all over, creating more of a mess than necessary and making cleaning up harder than needed.

Elevated dog feeders come in all sorts of sizes and models, featuring multiple pet bowls to accommodate dogs of various sizes. Some even include a storage compartment to store these bowls when not being used; many also boast stylish looks to match your home decor.