Best Choices For Songbirds

songbird wild bird seed

If you’re looking for the best bird food, songbirds will love Kaytee Songbird Blend. The mixture is high-energy and specially formulated to attract colorful songbirds throughout the year. It is made from black oil sunflower seeds and peanuts and attracts a range of songbird species, including cardinals, juncos, grosbeaks, and finches. Listed below are some of the best choices for songbirds.

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Scott’s Songbird Wild Bird Seed

If you’re looking to attract colourful, musical birds to your yard, Scott’s Songbird Wild Bird Seed may be the product for you. This patented blend contains twice as much energy as ordinary bird seed. It is available in barn-style feeders and large hole tubes. Scotts has patented its recipe to attract wild birds consistently and reliably. This food also makes cleaning the feeder easy. Simply use a solution of vinegar and warm water to disinfect the feeder and remove any soiled seed.

Kaytee Scorching Sunflower & Nut Cake

The Scorching Sunflower & Nut cake from Kaytee is an all-natural blend of nuts and seeds for wild birds. Its ingredients include peanuts and sunflower seeds, as well as other tree nuts, like walnuts and pecans. Songbird seed cakes are great for attracting a variety of colorful songbirds to your garden or yard. This recipe is easy to prepare, and unlike loose seed, it won’t create a mess. This seed cake will last much longer than loose seed.

Pennington Ultra Songbird Blend

Pennington Ultra Songbird Blend is a bird attractant specially designed to lure different kinds of birds to your yard or garden. Made with 100% real fruit, seeds and nuts, this feed is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Plus, it attracts two to three times more colorful birds than ordinary bird food. In fact, a single serving will attract up to 30 colorful birds. The most important thing to remember about Pennington Ultra Songbird Blend is that you should only use it when you want your garden to look its best!

When you use Pennington Ultra Songbird Blend, you will be amazed at the variety of beautiful birds you can attract to your yard. The blend has many different types of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit to attract all kinds of birds. These blends are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help attract a wide range of colorful birds. In addition, you’ll love the fact that these bird feeds are made in the U.S.A.

Lyric Finch Small Songbird Mix

If you’re looking to attract these brilliant little birds, small songbird bird seed mix is for you. The mix features seeds suitable for their tiny bills, including nyjer and sunflower kernels. A spring goldrush variety is sure to draw finches in the goldrush season. Finches are masters at handling small seeds. With their tiny bills, they can easily consume a large variety of seeds. Whether you’re looking for a natural seed mix or a scientific one, you’ll find a variety of seeds for finches in this seed blend.

This food is designed especially for finches, which feed primarily on seeds. This mix includes canary seed, canola seed, and Nyjer seed. It also contains small golden millet seeds and sunflower kernel pieces. This seed mix can be placed in a tube feeder, sock feeder, or hopper feeder. This mixture attracts a variety of small songbirds, including the rare Golden-crowned and House Finches.