Best Dog Treats For Sensitive Stomachs

best dog treats for sensitive stomachs

Dogs with sensitive stomachs require treats that are easily digestible and free from artificial additives and low-grade fillers, like artificial colors and fillers. Keep an eye out for signs that your pup has digestive issues such as licking their lips, changing appetite, diarrhea or blood in his stool.

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These chew sticks contain prebiotics, probiotics and dietary fiber to promote digestive health and are grain-free and low in calories.


Get Naked Digestive Health Chew Sticks

Dogs suffering from sensitive stomachs can exhibit any number of symptoms. From excessive lip-licking and diarrheal episodes to digestive distresses such as gas or diarrhea.

There are dog treats tailored specifically to help dogs with sensitive stomachs feel better. These chews contain ingredients that are easily digestible and free from allergens that could exacerbate symptoms.

These chew sticks from Get Naked are grain free and contain probiotics and prebiotics for optimal digestive health in dogs of all life stages, making them deliciously satisfying treats that many pet parents report have helped ease sensitive stomachs after indulging their pup in one.

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers

Tricky Trainers are grain-free treats made from quality ingredients for effective training of puppies or rewarding senior companions. Packed full of omega-3 fatty acids to promote lustrous coats, healthy skins, and improved cognitive functions – they make an irresistibly soft reward that’s sure to please.

Your pup is sure to appreciate these limited ingredient treats that contain no artificial flavors and colors – not to mention they contain just 3kcal per treat! Plus they make for great training rewards too!

Cloud Star’s USA-produced treats contain chicken liver and chickpea flour, maple syrup, natural smoke flavor, rosemary extract calcium lactate potato flour and tapioca starch for optimal digestive wellness. In addition, probiotics Ganeden BC30 help prevent stomach acid from reaching the intestines while supporting healthy bacteria for overall wellness.

Chewy Beef Lung Training Treats

Whenever selecting treats for your dog, it’s essential to take their diet, overall health and any possible sensitivities into account. The ideal treats for sensitive stomachs contain few ingredients with low-cal or no calorie counts as well as quality proteins for maximum benefit.

Hill’s training treats are an ideal choice for sensitive pups as they contain only one source of premium protein sourced from North America, making digestion easier for older and smaller canines. They come in various sizes to accommodate various life stages as well as being free from corn, wheat, soy and artificial additives while offering probiotic support to keep digestive health optimal in your pup!

Chewy Beef Lung Chews

These dog treats have been specially developed with sensitive stomachs in mind. Containing only simple ingredients that are easily digestible, they help your pup’s teeth remain clean while also aiding their digestive health.

These treats are made from beef lung, which contains essential nutrients like iron, phosphorus and B vitamins that can boost energy and help ensure healthy bones and joints.

These treats are dehydrated to preserve both their taste and nutritional value, with no grains, wheat, corn or any other fillers that could upset their stomach.

Soft chews are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and can easily be broken up for training rewards. Furthermore, these treats allow older dogs to chew for longer than hard, crunchy treats.

Fresh Planet Grain-Free Beef Jerky Treats

This brand of treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies uses only natural ingredients and their snacks are free from meat, gluten, dairy, corn, wheat, soy and fillers; plus they leave less environmental waste behind!

Turkey, while being a highly nutritious product, contains 73% water. Next is organic barley which provides fiber and energy; followed by brewer’s yeast which offers protein.

This food includes peas, which are an excellent source of carbohydrates and contain natural fiber, while chior is an excellent plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids.