Best Food For Shih Tzu

best food for shih tzu

If you want your shih tzu to remain healthy and content, make sure they receive appropriate diet. That means selecting food that will meet all their unique dietary requirements.

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Dogs are omnivorous animals and need protein, carbohydrates and fat for energy as well as vitamins and minerals to remain healthy.


1. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food is designed specifically for small breed dogs. Packed with prebiotic fibers to support gut microbiome health and abundant vitamin E to nourished the skin and keep coat in top condition, this delicious treat also has prebiotic fibers for digestive support and helps promote overall coat health.

Find a food that helps your pet achieve maximum nutrition. At Hill’s, we understand the way your canine’s body functions to ensure he receives all necessary ingredients when needed.

2. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Small Breed

Blue Buffalo provides an ideal grain free small breed formula with high protein and carb-limiting characteristics for small breed dogs and cats alike. Their formula features poultry as the first ingredient and features low levels of carbohydrates for optimal feeding results.

Blue Freedom formula contains no corn, wheat or soy – making it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies – while LifeSource Bits have been specifically chosen by vets to support optimal puppy growth.

Shih Tzus are small dogs, so their diet must be tailored specifically for them. To meet their energy requirements and facilitate easier chewing and tartar removal. A Shih Tzu food formula includes the appropriate balance of carbohydrates and proteins along with small-bite kibble.

3. Natural Balance Small Breed Duck & Potato Formula

Natural Balance Small Breed Duck & Potato Formula dog food is crafted by an expert team of board-certified veterinarians, animal nutritionists and research scientists for ease of digestion and simplicity of use.

Formulated with farm-raised duck as its key ingredient and potatoes to provide easily digestible carbs that help support digestive health, it features an exclusive crunchy texture to promote clean teeth and healthy gums.

This grain free diet for adult small breed dogs features a comprehensive list of premium protein and carb sources designed to meet their specific dietary requirements, supporting heart, bone and teeth health while helping avoid common health issues like allergies or digestive upset.

4. Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach & Skin food is an ideal option for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, providing easily digestible ingredients that aid nutrient absorption for maximum absorption, making this ideal food choice when vomiting or diarrhea are present.

Purina ONE adult dry dog food offers 100% nutrition with zero fillers, using their SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients and prebiotic fiber to nourish their sensitive system. A combination of rice and oatmeal provides gentle digestion while its antioxidant blend supports immune health.

This recipe includes glucosamine, omega fatty acids and other essential nutrients to support joint health in dogs. Plus, its easily digestible formula also promotes the well-being of skin and coat.