Bravo Raw Dog Food Review

bravo raw dog food

Bravo raw dog food is produced by a company located in the United States, with their headquarters situated in Manchester, Connecticut.

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This company offers freeze-dried raw dog foods as well as canned dog food for convenience. Their products can easily be blended into your pup’s regular diet for added nutrition.



Bravo raw dog food is made with all-natural, humanely raised meats and organs from the United States. Additionally, they use antibiotic-free poultry and fish.

This brand offers a selection of raw frozen, freeze-dried and canned diets as well as treats and chews. While these items tend to be more expensive than other kibble or canned food items, they can be an affordable solution for those wanting their dogs on a raw diet.

The Bravo Homestyle Complete Pork Dinner is a high-protein, low-fat freeze-dried raw meal that contains no grains or corn – making it an ideal choice for pet parents with sensitive pups. Additionally, this product meets the AAFCO standard for complete and balanced nutrition across all life stages.


Raw dog food brands and an increasing number of independent manufacturers provide convenient, easy-to-prepare formulas in various forms. This convenience helps reduce the risk of foodborne bacteria exposure.

Commercially prepared raw dog food is an essential step in protecting your pup’s health. This type of diet typically features high-quality meat-rich raw foods and can offer numerous advantages, such as relieving allergies, dermatitis, digestive issues and managing chronic illnesses.

Bravo’s raw diet products come in a range of formulations to meet AAFCO guidelines for complete and balanced nutrition. These meals include meats, organs, ground bones and garden vegetables for added flavor and nutrition.

The company’s recipes are free from grains, fillers, meals or additives and manufactured under stringent sanitary guidelines in their own facility. Furthermore, they conduct routine safety tests to guarantee their raw diets remain free from harmful pathogens during and after processing.


Raw dog food does not need to be cooked to preserve essential nutrients like kibbles. It can be prepared quickly and effortlessly, and many dogs actually prefer eating this type of food.

Bravo’s freeze-dried homestyle complete dinners offer a convenient way to give your pet an organic diet. The freeze-drying process removes moisture from the food, maintaining more of its nutritional value.

The company’s raw diets are made with premium meat and poultry, along with organs, vegetables and ground bones to give your pet a nutritious diet. They come in both chubs (chubbs) and patties/burger varieties for convenience.

The Manchester, Connecticut-based company has recalled some lots of its bravo pet foods after testing revealed Salmonella contamination. Signs of an infection may include decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. The product was distributed nationwide to distributors, retail stores and internet retailers alike.


Bravo raw dog food has earned a reputation for high quality. Established in 2002 by family-owned and operated businessmen, Bravo Raw Pet Food has become one of the leading names in raw pet food today.

They only use high-quality meats and poultry from the USA in their recipes, with no antibiotics or hormones added.

The company creates simple, limited ingredient formulas designed to mimic what dogs and cats would eat in the wild. This promotes healthier tummies, smaller stools, and improved weight control.

For busy pet parents who want to offer their pup an all-natural, grain-free meal, the company’s frozen diets are an ideal solution. These freeze-dried recipes retain more essential nutrients from raw ingredients than traditional frozen diets do, helping boost your pup’s immunity and keep their joints healthy.