Brinvale Wild Bird Food

brinvale wild bird food

Hilary and Andy Wiles founded Brinvale Bird Foods in 2004 and originally operated the business out of their garage, selling the crops they had harvested to the local community. Soon, they outgrew the small office on their farm, and moved to larger premises. Today, they produce a wide range of high-quality products that are safe for birds to eat. In addition to their natural and organic bird food, they also sell peanuts, sunflower hearts and waxworms to support local wildlife.

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A favorite of many bird species, Peanuts as brinvale wild bird food is a delicious treat. They are available in various sizes and are plump, soft, and attract a variety of species. This product is often recommended by bird enthusiasts for its rich protein content and high essential oils. They are available for a variety of different bird species, including long-tailed and blue-tailed tits.

If you choose to buy peanuts for your birds, be sure to buy high-quality varieties. Peanuts that are roasted and salted can turn mouldy if they are left out for a long time. Always remember to purchase peanuts that you can eat within a couple of days. You can also mix in some seeds that are common to the birds in your area. Always remember not to feed salted nuts to your birds; salt is highly toxic to them and may even kill them.

Uncooked porridge oats

The uncooked porridge oats that you buy for your birds are one of the best ways to attract more species of these migratory birds to your backyard. Oats are full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In fact, this particular type of oat contains avenathramides, which has been shown to increase nitric oxide production and reduce blood pressure. In addition, these grains are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. They are also capable of breaking down toxins and poisons. Lastly, they are easy to cook and can be given to birds in your backyard.

Another natural source of vitamin E and protein is potato. The birds love it when the potatoes are roasted or mashed, but avoid processed versions. Porridge oats are a perfect choice for wild bird feeding, as these are readily available in your kitchen. Unlike the other types of oats, uncooked ones don’t harden around the bird’s beak.

Sunflower hearts

Sunflower hearts are a wonderful source of protein and oils for birds. The high calorie-to-weight ratio makes them a good choice for a wide variety of feeders. You can use a ground tray, a bird table, or a specialized sunflower hearts feeder. This product is largely grown in Ukraine, making it hard to find in the UK. Here are some of the benefits of sunflower hearts as a wild bird food.

Black oil sunflower seeds contain the highest oil content and attract a wide variety of birds. The black oil variety are smaller than other types and have thin hulls. They should comprise 75 percent of the total amount of sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are best when black oil sunflower seeds are used. Black oil sunflower seeds are the most popular type among wild birds. They are also ideal for winter climates because they keep hummingbirds warm.

Waxworm food

You can feed your wild birds by providing them with Waxworm food. This product is highly nutritious and contains soft skin, which many birds love. Insect-eating birds love Waxworms because they contain protein. During the colder months of the year, parent birds have to put in more effort to feed their young. Protein is harder to come by, but Waxworms provide a reliable source.


Seeds for brinvale wild birds can be offered in many different types of feeders, including hoppers and tubes. Black sunflower seeds provide a high energy content, and red dari is a valuable source of protein and carbohydrates. White and red millet are excellent sources of B vitamins. The mixed seed can be offered to wild birds on the ground and is ideal for attracting a variety of wild species.

The High Energy No Grow bird seed mix is suitable for feeding all year round. It contains high-calorie contents to sustain wild birds through breeding season. This mix contains dehusked seeds, which minimizes the risk of germinating under the feeding area. It is compatible with most types of bird feeders. For added variety, consider feeding a combination of ground peanuts and seed for your birds. It is great for both adult and fledgling birds.