Brood Patties

brood patties

Protein is essential to honey bee life, as its consumption primarily benefits their young. Without sufficient supplies of this nutrient, brood production may slow or cease entirely.

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Protein supplement patties have been demonstrated to increase both brood production and overall colony numbers in honey bee hives. They’re simple to use, don’t rely on weather fluctuations for feeding, and can be fed anytime of year.


Mann Lake Pollen Patties

Our most popular pollen patty is a pollen substitute with sweetener and sterols to prevent staleness, highly palatable to bees, that should be consumed quickly in brood boxes directly over frames. Wrapped in wax paper to maintain moisture as bees consume it.

Honey B Healthy Patty is an ideal high-protein feed for spring. Its combination of proteins will help build strong colonies while increasing beetle resistance.

In January’s trial, colonies fed with both natural and artificial pollen performed best (Fig. 18). Colonies that had been supplemented with patties had far greater strength than their protein-free Negative Control counterparts, though Natural patties contained lower protein content than any of the others tested; perhaps their success lay not solely with their pollen sub, but in their combination of nutrients such as sterols and sweeteners that may have contributed.

Brood Builder Pollen Patties

Brood Builder Pollen Patties are an outstanding pollen replacement, providing your bees with all essential amino acids, vitamins, and lipids they require for healthy bees. Plus they contain Honey B Healthy as a feeding stimulant to ensure these patties are readily accepted by queen bees and help her lay eggs more frequently! Let us do all the mixing work so you don’t waste any of your precious time or energy with their production – they are ready for use straight out of the package.

Bee diet supplements are designed to offer more balanced nutrition to bees, making it easier for them to deal with mite invasions and other stressors. Their large surface area makes consumption easy for bees.

Addition of these winter patties during spring can increase egg laying and strengthen weak colonies. Be careful not to overfeed as this may attract beetle pests; use in combination with other supplements for summer feeding as needed; alternatively AP23 Winter Patties may also be available for winter use.

Brood Builder Patty with Honey B Healthy

Product Description: This patty is an effective pollen replacement that combines high-protein feeds such as AP23 with honey B Healthy (which includes lemongrass and spearmint essential oils for feeding stimulation), making this non-GMO product ideal for packages, nucs, and swarms.

Winter Patties

Betterbee offers pre-formulated winter patties to make their job simpler, offering energy-packed carbohydrates along with pollen, fats and proteins to give your bees what they need to survive winter. Simply place these on top bars directly, while for Langstroth hives with two brood chambers add them directly onto the lower brood box before replacing the upper.

Pro Winter Patties contain carbohydrates with minimal amounts of protein to prevent queen bees from producing too early a brood cycle, making these ideal when temperatures warm enough to open the hive and feed. When combined with Honey B Healthy’s essential oils for bee health and immunity improvements during harsh winter months.