Brothers Freeze Dried Chicken Dog Treats

dried chicken dog treats

Brothers chicken treats are freeze dried for maximum nutrition and minimum fat, perfect as an afternoon snack or crumbled over your pet’s food.

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Homemade chicken treats are easy, cheap and healthier than store bought jerky treats for your pup! Packed full of protein to fuel their muscles.



Protein is an essential nutrient for all the systems within your dog’s body. It promotes muscle growth, supports digestive and immune health and aids healing of wounds.

Our single-ingredient freeze dried chicken is carefully frozen to preserve optimal nutritional values before being slowly dehydrated at low temperatures to create a crunchy, chewy treat that delivers natural protein without fillers, chemicals or preservatives.

Brothers Freeze Dried chicken treats are packed with protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and packed full of essential vitamins. Ideal as snacks or reconstituting them into delicious meal toppers; feed Brothers Freeze Dried treats 2-4 times per day to enjoy healthy snacking at low calorie rates; excessive consumption may result in loose stool.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are an integral component of your pet’s diet and play an integral part in transporting fat-soluble vitamins, as well as contributing to cell structure and function. Fatty acids can be divided into omega 3s and 6s with omega 3s being more essential than their less so counterparts.

Omega 3s are antioxidants that scavenge free radicals found in your pet’s body and prevent them from damaging cells and DNA, as well as helping reduce inflammation in his/her joints, eyes or skin. They may even reduce skin conditions.

Supplementing food like treats with omega 3s is one way to ensure that your pup receives adequate amounts of these essential fatty acids. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe provides plenty of EPA and DHA for an ample source of EPA/DHA intake for maximum effectiveness.


Freeze-dried dog treats use low heat temperatures and air circulation to remove water, maintaining optimal nutritional value while remaining delicious treats that your pup can snack on straight from the bag or crumble over their kibble.

Of particular note is Vitamin C’s role in strengthening immunity as well as calcium, glucosamine and other essential bone-building nutrients found in supplements.

Treats made of carrots, coconut, cranberries and tomato pomace can provide additional dietary fiber, potassium and antioxidants for active dogs to fuel their muscles and help with weight management and dental health. Plus they’re allergy-friendly too if your pup is sensitive to beef or grains! Plus they make for the ideal treat to fuel an active dog’s muscles!


Chicken hearts contain more than just protein; they also provide essential minerals like iron and zinc for proper functioning of your dog’s body. Furthermore, these special treat also offer trace nutrients essential for overall wellness.

These treats have been independently lab safety tested, making sure they’re free from antibiotics, additives, grains, gluten and hormones. Crafted with high-grade raw meat that’s been gently freeze-dried to preserve its nutritional value – perfect for finicky pets! Eat them dry or crumble some over their food to add an irresistibly delectable touch!

Open Farm treats utilize humanely raised poultry from the US in their dehydrated bite-size treats. No artificial ingredients or transparencies regarding ingredient sourcing is used here – an ideal option for dogs needing higher-protein diets.

Digestive Health

Many dog owners have heard the well-intended advice that cooked chicken bones should never be fed to their dogs, due to them possibly breaking into sharp, pointy pieces that are hazardous for dogs to consume. Raw or dehydrated chicken bone treats, on the other hand, are perfectly fine and safe for their pups to munch upon.

These delicious high-protein treats not only promote dental health but also assist in removing plaque and tartar buildup on teeth when chewed upon, helping prevent gum disease in dogs. Furthermore, these treats are free from common allergens like wheat, corn, soy and dairy for easy digestibility and can even aid sensitive stomachs or food intolerances. Constructed using Wellness CORE Digestive Health ingredients including digestive enzymes as well as prebiotic fibers and probiotics – perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food intolerances!