California Natural Dog Food Review

california natural dog food

California Natural is a brand that specializes in food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive problems. Their recipes use only three to six main ingredients, always including animal-based proteins as the top component.

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Their formulas also make use of novel protein and carbohydrate sources to reduce the likelihood of food allergies or sensitivities in dogs.


The Company

California Natural Dog Food was previously produced by Natura Pet Products, a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble that was sold in 2014 to Mars Inc.

California Natural brands strive to improve the nutritional value of dog and cat foods by using novel ingredients in limited numbers of recipes. These recipes typically use 3-6 main components with proteins like lamb, venison, or kangaroo added for extra flavor and nutrition.

California Natural dog food uses only ingredients sourced from within the US, guaranteeing high-quality results. Furthermore, they uphold the highest manufacturing standards and provide complete transparency about where their ingredients come from.

The Products

California Natural offers a selection of dry dog food formulas tailored to all life stages. Their products are all balanced according to the AAFCO requirements for that stage, with all nutrients provided at the appropriate levels.

These products are free from corn, wheat, soy products as well as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. This helps reduce digestive issues and rashes that dogs may experience due to allergic reactions to these ingredients.

Their limited ingredient diets use premium meat sources to provide balanced protein and essential nutrients for your pup. Their formulas are made with chicken meal, lamb meal, or venison meal as the primary meat sources.

California Natural stands out among other brands by providing their consumers with a great deal of transparency about the sources of each ingredient they use. Their website includes an “Our Ingredient Sourcing” tab which details each main component’s location within the U.S.

The Cost

Producing premium dog food can be expensive. Extensive research and development must be done to guarantee the ingredients are of the highest possible standard before being added to the final product. On average, premium dry dog food will set you back between $50-$75 for a 30-pound bag.

Premium natural dog food can be pricey but worth every penny for your pup’s health and happiness. Your best bet is finding a high-end boutique in your local mall or searching online retailers like Chewy or Amazon who offer free shipping on select orders. Furthermore, their website provides an easy to use store locator by zip code near your home or office. Furthermore, keep an eye out at local veterinary offices, groomers and vet clinics for coupons or deals on top pawed treats for furry friends!

The Ingredients

California Natural is a dog food brand that specifically targets recipes for dogs with food sensitivities. Their foods use only minimal main ingredients to reduce the chance of triggering allergies or sensitivities in your pup.

Each recipe uses no more than 3 to 6 main ingredients, including animal-based proteins as the first component. This helps minimize the potential risk of allergic reactions or digestive issues in dogs with food sensitivities.

This food has been designed to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Fee Control Officials (AAFCO) for adult maintenance dogs. Additionally, it includes a selection of added vitamins and minerals.

This dry food’s initial ingredient is chicken meal, providing your dog with an excellent source of protein. It then includes both brown and white rice as easily digestible carbohydrates that are safe for most dogs to eat. Furthermore, this food includes flaxseed as a dietary fiber source as well as sunflower oil – an all-natural source of omega-6 fatty acids.