Calming Treats For Your Dog

calming treats

Calming treats are an effective way to help reduce anxiety in your pet, particularly during stressful events like thunderstorms, fireworks or moving. These chews contain herbs, vitamins and other calming ingredients which can provide a calming effect on your canine companion.

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These natural dog chews can also help curb unwanted behavior like jumping, pacing, whining or spinning. Made with safe ingredients that work for most dogs of all ages, these calming chews provide long-lasting relief from stress.


Honest Paws Calm

Calming CBD treats help your furry companion relax when they’re feeling anxious or stressed. Made with organic full-spectrum hemp oil and other natural ingredients such as L-Theanine, chamomile, and ginger root for relaxation purposes.

Honest Paws also provides a selection of wellness products and natural supplements, many of which are non-CBD. These non-CBD items can help with your pet’s immune system, skin/coat health, as well as joint issues.

These relaxing treats offer a turkey flavor and soft chew texture that dogs adore. Furthermore, they contain various calming ingredients which may help reduce stress signals, noise aversion, and separation anxiety.

Honest Paws’ Calm CBD Bites are their most sought-after CBD dog treats. Made with organic barley and chamomile, this recipe helps soothe pets’ stomachs and is often recommended for those suffering from digestive issues.

Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Calming OraStix

If you’re searching for a way to help your pup stay calm during stressful situations like car rides, thunderstorms and vet visits, calming treats are an effective solution. These treats contain natural ingredients like melatonin, magnesium citrate, chamomile and valerian root to promote relaxation and calm down your pup during stressful occasions.

Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Calming OraStix are chewable treats designed to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs of all breeds. These dental sticks are flavored with peppermint for fresh breath, plus contain ingredients that clean teeth as your pup chews on them.

These supplements contain hemp seed powder, melatonin, chamomile and valerian. This formula works quickly – you should notice results within 20-30 minutes!

These relaxing treats help control nervousness and aggression in dogs without the need for prescription drugs. These chews make an ideal choice during stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks displays, and car rides.

These treats are simple to give out and come in an assortment of delicious flavors dogs love. Not only that, but they can also be used as a means to ease separation anxiety in your pup.

Shameless Pets Turk It Easy Calming Chews

If your pup is feeling anxious or stressed out due to travel, a new home, loud noises or separation anxiety, calming treats are an effective way to reduce stress and tension. These soft chews make an excellent substitute for prescription medications.

Shameless Pets Turk It Easy Calming Chews are ginger-seasoned and made with turkey to aid digestion – they’re the ideal companion for any anxious pup! Plus, these treats are made with responsibly sourced ingredients to reduce food waste.

These hemp-blended chews are packed with soothing herbs like chamomile, passion flower and thiamine to help promote natural anxiety reduction. They’re an ideal choice for decreasing hyperactive tendencies and excessive competition in dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds!

These irresistibly soft chews contain broad spectrum CBD from hemp grown in Colorado, plus L-theanine and L-typtophan for added relaxation for your pup.

Get Naked Premium Calming Care Bones

Get Naked Premium Calming Care Bones are sure to please any dog with a sophisticated palate. These bone-shaped treats come in various shapes, sizes and textures with top notch manufacturing and sourcing quality, using local ingredients when possible and plenty of love. Unlike many overly sugary treats that contain preservatives, Get Naked Premium Calming Care Bones is free from these pesky additives; its advanced injection mold keeps these treats squeaky clean and smelling sweet for as long as your pup needs them!