Can I Cook My Own Canadian Dog Food?

canadian dog food

Canadian dog foods contain fewer ingredients that are better for their health, along with high manufacturing standards and transparent sustainability practices that source seafood from oceans that have not been overfished.

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Petcurean produces various raw natural dog food varieties tailored specifically for different life stages and breeds of canine companions, including its popular Skin + Coat Care with Turkey Recipe with Grains option.


Holistic Blend

Home cooking of pet food is an invaluable bonding experience and an efficient way to ensure that your pup stays healthy. When selecting ingredients for homemade dog food, be sure that wholesome and natural are used – this can reduce trips to the veterinarian while leading to happier, healthier pups!

Holistic Blend starts out with lamb broth, an excellent source of protein and other vital nutrients. Next comes sweet potatoes – an excellent gluten-free source of carbohydrates with plenty of dietary fiber and beta carotene as well as inulin prebiotic to promote the growth of good bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract and chelated minerals which make absorption easier for him/her.

This food features near-average protein levels, below-average fat levels and above-average carbs – it received 4.5 stars on the Advisor website and can be purchased both dry and canned varieties to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs of all ages.


Petcurean, based out of Canada, produces premium pet foods using only high quality ingredients and adhering to strict sanitary practices at its plants. They regularly test ingredients for vomitoxin, aflatoxin and zearalenone before entering their facilities, while their food extrusion processes occur at lower temperatures to enhance digestibility while still protecting nutritional integrity.

This pet food manufacturer specializes in producing recipes rich in essential nutrients and natural flavors, and their founders are dedicated to ensuring all pets live long, healthy lives. Their products include dry and canned pet foods as well as functional mixers. Plus they have specialty formulas tailored specifically for cats, dogs and those with special needs!

Petcurean is one of the top exporters of pet food in Canada, selling its brands exclusively through pet specialty retailers in both the US and internationally. Their Summit brand features quality meat proteins along with whole fruits and vegetables; all their products are free from growth hormones, fillers or preservatives.

Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh canned pet food by PetKind boasts an average protein content between 35% to 44% in their dry matter analysis, as well as including produce such as kale, carrots, squash pumpkin and peas. Furthermore, each recipe is fortified with chelated minerals and yeast-derived sources of selenium for enhanced nutrition.

The brand takes great pride in upholding sustainability, using only ingredients sourced in North America and Canada for their products. Furthermore, they donate part of each sale’s proceeds to support ecosystem protection through donations to Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Vancouver-based company Vancouver Pet Food creates minimally processed, superfood-packed dog food. Their recipes are developed by nutritionists and tailored specifically for your pup’s individual needs. Their Meal Plan Calculator determines which nutrients your pup requires before creating a tailored menu based on those recommendations – all delivered right to your door in chilled trays!


Carna4 offers holistic nutrition to its pet customers by using whole ingredients prepared without synthetic supplements and gently cooked so as to maintain the integrity of all the vital nutrients present, thus eliminating the need for synthetic vitamins known for causing allergies in pets. Carna4’s recipes feature poultry, lamb, goat and venison proteins; suitable for all life stages including those suffering from food allergies or digestive issues.

Carna4 founders believe whole food nutrition is key to pet wellness. Their food is manufactured locally in Canada using high-quality meats and organic sprouted seeds – providing your pet with access to super-nutrients such as antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and lower the glycemic index index of their diet. Furthermore, unlike many dry pet food offerings on the market that use byproducts from beef or chicken that cause hardened and difficult-to-digest stools – Carna4 does not use any byproducts which may lead to hardened or difficult-digest stools that cause difficulty digesting or digestion issues when consumed regularly by their pets.