Canary Seed 20kg

mixed canary seed 20kg

If you’re looking for a high quality seed mix for your canary, there are several varieties to choose from. These include Bartholomews Colonels Canary No 2 Bird Seed Mix, Bucktons No.1 Mixed Canary and Johnston & Jeff Super Mixed Canary and Egg Blend.

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Bartholomews Colonels Canary No 2 Bird Seed Mix

Bartholomews Colonels Canarian No 2 Bird Seed Mix is a traditional blend of tasty seeds. It contains a variety of different seeds, including black rapeseed, groats, linseed, canary seed, and yellow biscuit. A variety of these varieties are great for feeding your birds.

This premium mix has a high protein content and is rich in nutrients. It is also rich in oil and is suitable for a wide variety of birds. Ingredients in this mix include canaryseed, which helps maintain optimum health. It also contains oil-rich linseed, which is good for the skin and feathering. It is suitable for year-round feeding as part of a complete diet.

Bucktons No.1 Mixed Canary

If you’ve ever wondered how to feed your bird, Bucktons No.1 Mixed Canary Seed is a great choice. This food is formulated with premium ingredients to provide the optimal nutrition for canaries. Not only does it provide high levels of protein, but it’s also designed to maintain plumage condition.

The blend is enriched with canary seed, rape seed, hemp seed, niger seed, red millet, and linseed. These ingredients are perfect for young Canaries. The result is a healthy and high-quality food that’s ideal for young Canaries.

If you want to feed your canary a diet that’s rich in protein, Bucktons No.1 Mixed Canary Seed is the best choice. This high-quality product is perfect for regular feeding and offers brilliant value. It is an excellent choice if you have a bird table or bird feeder in your backyard. It’s also high in oil and contains easily digestible proteins. It’s also an economical choice for all types of wild birds.