Cat Person Food Review

cat person food review

Cat Person is a top-tier pet food brand that prioritizes quality ingredients, easy-to-read labels and flavorful recipes. Furthermore, the company takes extra measures to guarantee their products are responsibly sourced and eco friendly.

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The company’s dry food is produced in a US facility that follows human-food manufacturing standards. Furthermore, they source meat and fish from an ethical provider with an established track record.


High-quality ingredients

Cat person food is produced by an independent company with the goal of giving feline fans and their owners confidence in what they eat. They use only top-quality ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and flavor optimized recipes.

Their wet and dry foods are grain-free and packed with protein – at least 50% more than what the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requires for pet food. Furthermore, these meals meet all other nutrient standards set forth by AAFCO.

In addition to high-quality meat, their wet and dry food formulas use animal broth instead of water for extra flavor. Most also include added vitamins and minerals.

Cat Person’s products are produced by a co-packer in the United States and Thailand that sources their ingredients ethically. They prioritize ingredient sourcing, the health of oceans and fisheries, as well as human labor standards.

Ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcing is an essential factor to take into account when selecting cat food. This indicates the product has been produced using animals raised humanely and with consideration for the environment.

Additionally, organic animal meat is free from hormones and steroids. This guarantees your cat gets all of the nutrition they require while avoiding unnecessary toxins.

Furthermore, ethical sourcing can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. It also helps minimize waste production, encouraging sustainable production methods.

When shopping for cat food, one factor to consider is the manufacturer’s location. Many businesses outsource production to other locations.

They utilize co-packers in both Thailand and the United States; wet foods are manufactured in Thailand, while dry goods are manufactured in the US.

The manufacturer in Thailand takes great care in ingredient sourcing, maintaining healthy oceans, secure and legal labor practices and sustainable fishing methods. All seafood used in their recipes is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. Furthermore, their US-based food ingredient provider upholds pet food manufacturing standards that match those for human food items while purchasing responsibly sourced meat and fish sources.

Eco-friendly packaging

Many pet food companies utilize recycled or biodegradable materials in their packaging, helping reduce the depletion of natural resources and improving the environment as a whole.

However, it’s essential to verify the origin of packaging before purchasing anything. An overseas shipment could negate all environmental benefits that eco-friendly packaging provides.

Cat person food review has done a commendable job of using sustainable sourcing and human-grade ingredients to craft premium cat foods. Furthermore, they are GAP-certified – meaning their animals were raised ethically and healthily for them.

Cat person offers a selection of wet and dry foods free from corn, wheat, soy and other controversial ingredients. Their meals are low in carbohydrates and grain-free for all life stages while meeting AAFCO nutrient guidelines.

Easy to manage

Cat Person may be more expensive than other subscription options, but the quality of ingredients and meal plans make it worthwhile. If you’re searching for a high-protein autodelivery service at an affordable price point, Cat Person is an excellent option.

The company’s website and account management are user-friendly, making cancellation a breeze. They send you a notice before your renewal date so you can cancel without incurring any extra charges.

They offer the flexibility to modify meals and flavors, making it simple to alter your subscription if necessary. Furthermore, you can contact them via email or text if you prefer working with a customer service representative over the phone.

Cat Person food is specially tailored to your pet’s individual requirements, making them a great option for cats with picky eating habits, multi-cat households or allergies or sensitivities. Their wet foods come in two textures to cater to different preferences and their limited ingredient list makes them suitable for felines with dental issues or special requirements.