Cheese Bones For Dogs

Natural chews can be an excellent way to distract dogs from destructive behaviors and anxiety, yet it’s essential that they only be fed in moderation and under supervision to avoid choking hazards.

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Himalayan dog chews, commonly referred to as chhurpi or durkha, are made from dried cheese sourced from an ancient recipe from the Himalayas and provide a safer alternative than cooked bones that could potentially crack or shatter while also being easier on your dog’s teeth.



These long-lasting chews made of yak and cow milk were developed in the Himalayas, and are free from artificial preservatives, colors, or binding agents. Furthermore, they’re low in lactose with no additional sugar content, are odorless, and won’t stain their mouths!

Bones provide dogs with essential proteins and essential calcium, phosphorus and magnesium nutrients to support strong muscles, healthy tissue and teeth as well as serve as natural probiotics that improve digestive health while managing allergies while increasing absorption of other essential nutrients.


Calcium is essential for their dental, bone and cardiac health. An insufficient supply can result in hypocalcemia characterized by muscle spasms and weakness.

Cheese can provide your pup with both calcium and a tasty treat! Just make sure it does not contain lactose as this could lead to diarrhea in some dogs. Consider giving low-fat cottage cheese which has more calcium concentration with reduced salt concentration as this would be best.

These long-lasting bones are constructed using yak’s milk and cow’s milk as a nutritious alternative to rawhide bones, providing high nutritional value and no harmful chemicals. You can test for safety by pressing it with your thumbnail: the best calcium bones contain glucosamine, chondroitin and Omega fatty acid to ensure they last as promised!

Omega 3 & 6

Natural chews such as bones, antlers and cow hooves can provide their pets with important nutrition such as protein, calcium and phosphorus. If these chews become too hard for your pup to handle however, tooth damage could occur – so try choosing wisely!

Stuffed dog treats offer a safe and easier alternative to raw chews for picky pups. These treats feature a hard outer shell filled with soft meat filling. These treats tend to be especially popular among fussy canines.

Digestive Enzymes

These treats contain probiotics and digestive enzymes to support gut health in dogs. This will allow for improved nutrition absorption and overall improvements to overall condition.

Like humans, dogs produce digestive enzymes naturally; however, certain conditions require additional digestive enzyme supplements; examples include pancreatic disease (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) and pancreatitis.

These chews offer a tasty alternative to regular cheese that may be too hard on teeth. They pass the thumb test (press with thumbnail and it gives) and are made from low fat yak milk with high levels of protein content.

This chew contains cellulase, an important digestive enzyme which aids your pet in breaking down fiber in dog foods such as kibble. This enzyme is especially helpful since kibble often contains fillers like cellulose (sawdust). These chews are air-dried so no worries of them stinking up the house!


Cheese chews for dogs come in various flavors. Some even feature chicken or beef to give your pup something tasty to munch on!

Chew treats can also provide your dog with mental stimulation as they focus on chewing through one. Before giving your pup something that requires prolonged chewing sessions, always consult with your veterinarian first.

Raw bones – such as antlers and knuckles — should never be given to dogs as they can break apart into sharp, hard pieces that could puncture his mouth, stomach or intestines. Furthermore, cooked animal bones such as ribs or chicken wings present similar risks as raw ones.