Chicken Treats – Healthy and Delicious Homemade Treats For Your Flock

chicken treats homemade

Keep your flock happy and healthy with a variety of treats made with foods already found in your kitchen, like probiotic smoothies for their probiotic benefits or winter morning “muffins” made up of eggs and bananas.

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Easy to make

Your flock can benefit from delicious treats made with healthy ingredients that are simple to create, making a delicious way to show them just how much they mean to you and help molting or winter pass quickly. Just remember, high protein treats should only be given occasionally and should never become part of their main diet.

This easy recipe is the perfect way to utilize excess blueberries from your summer garden and will delight the chickens! Simply combine frozen berries with plain yogurt, then pour the mixture into a mold or baking pan for freezing before giving to your flock as treats!

This delectable homemade treat uses ingredients that are easily accessible, such as beef fat – an excellent source of protein for moulting chickens! Additionally, any pumpkin or gourd you find in your garden – pie pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, delicata squash or tromboncino squash will work – can be used.

Easy to store

Chickens make excellent backyard flock companions, and homemade treats are an easy and tasty way to show your love and show some extra TLC. Enjoying tasty homemade treats can keep them entertained during winter and hydrated and cool during the heat of summer, all the while contributing to their health and productivity throughout the year. However, remember that treats should only ever represent 10-20% of total diet consumption as this could result in egg malformation and decrease production rates.

One of the easiest and tastiest homemade chicken treats is scrambled eggs, as a high-protein food they provide an invaluable boost of nutrition during molting season. Other treats you could give your chickens include mashed fruits or vegetables (but be sure to remove seeds and pits first), or using old jello molds, baking tins, or cake pans as fun toys by filling them up with extra veggies before freezing them!

Easy to customize

Chickens enjoy having variety in their diet, and require an array of vitamins and minerals in order to thrive. Treats provide these essential vitamins, as well as encouraging chickens to search out food in their environment. Treats should only be given sparingly – in addition to an already well-balanced diet; among the most nutritious snacks are fruits, vegetables, and kitchen scraps.

Chickens love berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries make great treats and provide your flock with much-needed vitamin C. Other fruit offerings could include avocado, melons, squashes and leafy greens as treats for their flock. Kitchen or garden scraps can also make great treats that enrich their daily diet and keep them occupied in their coop when outside access isn’t possible.

Online is filled with numerous recipes for tasty homemade treats that require both time and effort, yet all are worth your while.


Chicken treats can not only be tasty, but they can also keep your flock engaged during winter and hydrated in summer, as well as provide a nutritional supplement to their regular diets and show that you care. Here are a few easy-to-make ideas that will provide your flock with a boost!

This recipe for peanut butter cookies is easy and fun to create! Whether making them by hand or with a mixer, they’re ideal for any time of year – especially during molting season! Plus they add protein for extra benefits! This snack should definitely make an impactful snack during molting season!

Making suet cakes for your flock is another fantastic way to show them you care. Easy and enjoyable to prepare, these tasty snacks make your flock feel as though it is their birthday! Made with natural ingredients and specifically beneficial during molting season.