Chinchilla Treats and Toys

chinchilla treats and toys

Chinchillas love to chew and destroy items. A few great toys are shredding toys, which are made of softer materials. You can find these in the form of bamboo finger traps, loofas, cardboard, or even palm leaves. Other toys are hanging toys, which hang from the cage. Chinchillas love these toys because they’re not too expensive and the animals can play for hours without your help.

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Tossing toys

There are several tossing toys available for chinchillas. You can also get chinchilla-safe treats and toys from a variety of pet stores. You can purchase chinchilla toys online or from local pet stores. If you are worried that your chinchilla may chew on your toy, you can tie the parts together with a tying cord.

Chinchillas also enjoy shredding toys, and they are a great source of entertainment for your chinchilla. Look for toys that are made of cardboard or materials that are scratch-safe for chinchillas. Tossing toys should be made from a hard enough material to keep your chinchilla occupied and entertained. If you are concerned about the safety of your chinchilla’s teeth, you should avoid toys made from plastic or other materials that could be ingested by your chinchilla.

Climbing toys

Climbing toys are an important part of chinchilla care, as they love to jump and run. Choose sturdy toys with large wheels, such as a 15-inch wheel with ball bearings. A smaller, inexpensive toy can be a block or a plastic toy, which both stimulate the chinchilla’s sense of balance. A sturdy exercise wheel will provide your chinchilla with hours of fun, but make sure it is large enough to prevent your pet’s tail from getting tangled in the wheel.

Chinchillas love chew toys. The toys are essential for their development and keep their teeth trimmed. Look for toys at discount prices or in bulk. Toys can be separated into permanent and consumable. Make sure you buy a wide variety of chinchilla toys and rotate between these types to keep your chinchilla happy. Buying toys in bulk will help you save money and avoid spending more than you need to.

Cardboard mazes

When you want to give your chinchilla a fun toy, consider building one out of cardboard boxes. A squat rectangular box will work perfectly. The best part about building this toy is that it requires no glue, and you can even get your kids involved! There are so many different ways to customize your cardboard maze, from adding a tunnel to adding a ladder.

To build a maze for your chinchilla, you need to use pieces of cardboard. If you have a small pet, you can cut them into different sizes, so they can get a good workout while playing. Toys made from cardboard can be fun and educational for your little friend! You can also make them some cardboard houses, furniture, and tunnels using a regular brown box. Just be sure not to get any boxes with excessive ink or glue. Also, remove any extra tape and labels on them.


There are many types of toys and discs for your chinchilla. You can choose from wooden toys and discs for chinchillas that have a twig or a string attached to it. Other toys are more portable, such as woven willow. Toys should be small enough for a chinchilla to carry and throw, but not too large to hurt it.

Chinchillas need a variety of chewing toys to keep themselves busy. Unlike many other pets, chinchillas will destroy their toys quite quickly. To help them wear their teeth, chinchillas need different kinds of chewing toys. Wood and pumice stone are great options. Toys should be made of pet-safe materials and placed in areas where chinchillas can easily access them.


If you are looking for a fun, easy-to-make toy for your chinchilla, you can use cardboard boxes. The squat rectangular boxes make perfect floor toys for chinchillas. You don’t need any glue or adhesive to build one. These toys are an easy project for children to do together, and they’re fun for both you and your chinchilla.

In addition to chew toys, chinchillas like to shred and destroy. Choose toys made of softer material, like bamboo finger traps, pumice, loofa, cardboard, and palm leaves. You can also purchase toys in kabob form that hang on the cage. These are safe and easy to purchase online. Make sure to purchase toys made from a durable, non-toxic material.

Toilet paper tubes

Toilet paper tubes are a great source of hay for chinchillas. Chinchillas need hay for their diet and toilet paper rolls make a great treat and plaything for your pet chinchilla. However, you should never feed a chinchilla raisins or other treats as they are high in sugar and can cause soft poos. Toilet paper rolls are also safe for chinchillas. Toilet paper rolls, paper towels, and other cardboard tubes make excellent toys for chinchillas. However, keep in mind that chinchillas can get quite messy, so make sure you keep a fresh tube in the house for them to chew on.

When choosing toilet paper rolls for your chinchilla, be sure to purchase only the ones made from recycled cardboard. Be aware that some rolls have a white covering, which is not safe for chinchillas to eat. Purchasing natural brown toilet paper rolls is a safer alternative that is safe to chew on. You must supervise your chinchilla’s play when using toilet paper rolls.