Ciao Churu Tuna Review

ciao churu tuna

Ciao churu tuna cat treats are made with farm-raised chicken or wild tuna for high moisture, grain-free nutrition. Not only do these treats strengthen bonds between you and your furry friend, but they also provide essential vitamins, minerals, and moisture that your pets need to thrive.

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These tasty treats are easy to handfeed or add as a topping for your pup’s meals. Plus, they contain low calories so you can feel good about rewarding your furry friend with some treats!


Ciao churu tuna is Japan’s #1 selling cat treat and helps replenish fluid losses in cats’ bodies. You can feed it directly to your cat or add it to their food for an extra flavor that will encourage them to finish their meals.

These delicious kibble treats are made with pure wild tuna or farm-raised chicken and contain high moisture levels that cats need for healthy living. Available in nine delicious flavors, you can feed them by hand, pour into a bowl, or use as an appetizing topping on wet or dry food.

These grain-free, preservative-free cat treats are made with ingredients of human quality and packed with green tea extract for anti-oxidant benefits. Plus, they’re dolphin safe – so you can feel good about feeding them to your furry friend! To feed, simply tear open the tube with a gentle squeeze to hand feed or pour into a bowl. This variety pack includes 50 tubes of wholesome, creamy and purr-worthy treats perfect for your feline friend!


Ciao churu tuna is an excellent source of protein and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals like folic acid, vitamin B12, choline, calcium and phosphorus. Plus it’s high in moisture which benefits hydration as well as overall health. Plus it makes a tasty treat your cat will love while aiding weight loss too!

Ciao churu is an easy and delicious treat that can be fed directly by hand, poured into a bowl, or used as an add-on topping for your cat’s food. The tube-shaped treat comes in five delicious flavors and is both dolphin-safe and grain-free – the ideal way to give your furry friend some pampering time with you! Plus, each tube tears open easily so the liquid inside is perfect for their taste buds. Plus, these treats come with no artificial colors or preservatives!


CIAO Churu tuna is an easy-to-feed cat treat made with premium quality ingredients and free from grains, preservatives or artificial colors. Each tube provides plenty of moisture, designed to replenish fluid loss and support feline health; plus it contains green tea extracts and lactic acid bacteria for a healthy digestive tract and reduced faecal odor. Plus this convenient tube tears open easily so you can feed it by hand or pour it into a bowl for an irresistible treat your cat will love. Ciao churu purees are dolphin safe, grain free and preservative free; available in five delectable flavors for your pets’ enjoyment – making them suitable alternatives to kibbles while serving as tasty lickable treats too!

This cat treat should only be used as a supplemental feeding and not substitute for a complete meal.