Dehydrated Cat Food

Dehydrated cat food provides a convenient, budget-friendly option to give your furry friend the healthy raw diet they crave. These kibble-like treats are packed with natural, high-quality ingredients that retain their palatable texture when rehydrated.

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Dehydrating foods reduces moisture and keeps their nutritional value intact, making them more shelf-stable and safer to consume.



Dry cat treats are a widely-used reward for good behavior among pet parents. While they can be an enjoyable reward, these snacks often contain high levels of carbohydrates and cheap plant proteins which may not be beneficial to your cat’s health.

When selecting a dry diet for your cat, be sure to avoid foods that contain corn, wheat or soy as these are all unnatural ingredients that won’t digest properly. Instead, opt for food with premium protein sources like fish or wild game meats.

For optimal dry cat food nutrition, your cat’s meal should have an appropriate ratio of meat to vegetables as well as a moderate amount of carbohydrate to protein. Furthermore, these recipes should include plenty of water so your feline friend can drink enough liquid to stay hydrated.

Some dry food manufacturers add flavor enhancers or palatants to their products, which are meant to tempt cats into eating them. Unfortunately, these additives often contain inorganic phosphates which may lead to kidney issues over time.

The Honest Kitchen

Established in 2002 by Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen is a pioneering human-grade pet food brand that uses only high quality ingredients from the United States and Canada. Their recipes are guaranteed to please even pickiest of eaters!

Honest Kitchen’s dry cat foods are designed with vet nutritionist input to provide superior nutritional value. Each recipe starts with thoughtfully sourced protein as the first ingredient and then boosts it with bone broth for extra moisture and flavor.

These foods are gentle on the digestive system and do not contain meat meals, feed-grade ingredients, GMO ingredients, artificial flavors or colors, corn, wheat or soy.

They offer four pates and two minced recipes. The pates are a popular choice for cats and kittens, while the minced formulas may be best suited to active seniors.

Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak is a New Zealand-based company that utilizes only wholesome, nutrient-rich natural ingredients in their foods. All of their cat foods are air-dried for extended shelf life – an advanced process which ensures all nutrients remain intact.

Air-drying also eliminates the need for any preservatives, making the food safe and convenient. Meats are dried without heat or steam to maintain freshness and aroma.

Each recipe also contains inulin, a prebiotic that encourages beneficial bacteria growth in the digestive tract. Furthermore, it includes chelated minerals – minerals chemically attached to protein for easier absorption and digestion – for added nutritional benefits.

Their cat foods also contain Kelp, a marine vegetable that may offer health advantages like reduced dental plaque, decreased hypothyroidism risk, improved skin and coat condition. Plus, it’s packed full of vitamin C which aids calcium absorption.

Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is a grain-free cat food brand that uses raw feeding principles to create convenient, easy-to-feed formulas. They come in dry kibble, toppers, canned foods and raw frozen formulas for convenience.

Their Instinct range of products are produced in Lincoln, Nebraska using high-pressure pasteurization (HPP). This kills bacteria and parasites without damaging the meat’s integrity. Furthermore, they test for Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria before shipping them off to customers.

This is an exceptional kibble that boasts plenty of protein from real chicken, rabbit and turkey. It is specially formulated with probiotics to promote digestive health and is packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy skin, fur and joints.

This low-carb formula is highly-palatable to most cats. Made in the US and coated with freeze-dried raw meat for added taste, this product makes a great choice for pet parents looking to incorporate raw feeding into their routine.