Dehydrated Liver Treats For Dogs

dehydrated liver

Ensuring adequate water intake is crucial for healthy liver functioning. Drink water when waking up, throughout the day and before and after meals or physical activities; before sleeping.

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Liver is an excellent source of Vitamin A and we offer dehydrated beef and chicken liver as a tasty treat for any dog on a raw or kibble diet.


Beef Liver

Delicious organ meat snack packed with iron, vitamins A, B12, D, folic acid, copper zinc and essential fatty acids is a deliciously chewy treat packed full of nutrition that helps cleanse blood, strengthen immune systems and support vision health. This nutrient-rich organ meat can also provide vital eye support!

These delicious liver chips are easy to make and perfect for anyone trying to add more nose-to-tail meat into their diet! Enjoy them as is or dip them into warm cheese dip for an added treat.

Spread sliced or ground liver on a food dehydrator sheet or ovenproof baking sheet in one layer and allow it to dehydrate for at least three hours, turning every two hours until completely dried and pliable – using whole liver may take longer and will need more frequent flipping; once dry, break into smaller pieces if desired and store it airtight container in room temperature storage for several months at least.

Pork Liver

Pork liver is an ideal single-ingredient treat for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, rich in protein and essential nutrients like vitamins A, iron, zinc and copper. Additionally, this treat improves vision while cleansing out toxins from blood streams while supporting immune functions and supporting overall immune health. In addition, pork liver makes an excellent topping to Identity wet foods!

These dehydrated pork liver strips provide a nutritious treat at an economical cost, perfect for training, chewing or topping ID wet food!

High vitamin A content of these liver treats could potentially lead to hypervitaminosis A if consumed excessively, so feed these treats sparingly and always have fresh drinking water readily available for your pet. Break liver treats into small pieces for small pets so that their eating can be closely supervised; break whole liver treats into pieces if required for smaller species, such as cats. They are responsibly-sourced & raised without added sugars or glycerins and air-dried using centuries-old techniques that naturally preserve proteins for maximum protein preservation!

Chicken Liver

Homemade dehydrated liver chews are easy to make and you can adjust their thickness according to your dog’s needs. If they have sensitive teeth, for instance, you could create softer ones; or if they’re young and developing their adult chewing strength more slowly than expected. Plus you can customize them using ingredients you have on hand at home – saving money while knowing exactly what ingredients go into them!

Chicken livers (or lung, heart, kidney and pancreas from any animal such as pig, cow or any other) are an easy source of organ meats for this project; you’ll likely find them readily available in most supermarkets’ meat departments or local farms that stock them.

These chews provide your pup with essential vitamins and minerals, making them like natural multivitamins! An excellent source of Vitamin A to support vision, the eyes, immunity, as well as iron for anemia prevention; plus folic acid & B Vitamin support of brain nerves cells.

Turkey Liver

Turkey liver treats make an enticing snack or training reward for both dogs and cats, providing protein, iron and vitamin A while being preservative- and grain-free! They’re USA made using turkey raised without antibiotics or added hormones and undergo low-temperature freeze-drying processes that preserve its flavor while retaining nutritional value – perfect for rewarding good behavior!

Brothers Freeze Dried Turkey Liver 2oz package contains one simple ingredient – 100% turkey liver. Independent lab safety testing confirms its purity as an antibiotic-, additive- and grain-free treat that naturally provides protein rich treats free from antibiotics, additives, grains, gluten or hormones – perfect for training rewards or crumbled up and sprinkled onto pet food for finicky eaters!

Dehydrated liver has a tasty chewy texture that many pets appreciate, making it easier for them to digest. Furthermore, its chewy texture provides mental and dental stimulation for overall wellbeing in pets’ teeth and gums.