Diamond Naturals Dog Food Recall 2020

diamond naturals dog food recall 2020

As a pet owner, chances are you have heard of diamond naturals dog food. Unfortunately, this company has been involved in multiple recalls due to salmonella contamination and melamine contamination issues.

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FDA officials also conducted an inspection at their Gaston, South Carolina factory and discovered numerous violations; according to FDA representatives they identified “serious issues” which could pose risks both to animals and people.


Why Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Out Of Stock Everywhere?

Diamond Naturals dog food is an economical brand renowned for providing whole body nutrition to dogs of all breeds. Formulated from whole-grain ingredients and high-quality protein sources, its products help your pup reach optimal weight management while simultaneously increasing energy levels.

Diamond offers various brands for dogs, such as original and premium lines as well as grain-free Naturals and maintenance lines. Each one contains various proteins and other ingredients tailored specifically for your canine’s nutritional needs.

The company claims they adhere to rigorous food testing and safety standards and source their ingredients primarily from American farms; however, Europe, North America, New Zealand, and China could also serve as sources for their ingredients.

Diamond Naturals stands apart from competing brands by using only high-grade ingredients like chicken, lamb, turkey, fish eggs and oatmeal as the basis of its dry and wet foods – K9 strain probiotics have also been included to support digestive health and immune system functions.

Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Made in China?

Diamond was founded as a family-owned business in 1970 to produce premium pet food at an economical price. All their dry foods are produced at facilities located in South Carolina, California, Arkansas and Missouri.

To ensure quality, all ingredients are evaluated prior to being used in production and the facilities meet or surpass all available standards of cleanliness and safety. Furthermore, reverse osmosis purified water is utilized during the cooking process in order to avoid contaminates that might enter.

These foods also include formulas specifically formulated to meet the needs of senior dogs, featuring lower caloric intake and fat content to promote weight management and keep your senior pup feeling their best.

Diamond Naturals is a brand that features premium animal proteins as their primary ingredient, which are far superior to plant proteins like soy or corn for your dog’s nutritional needs. Plus, these treats contain prebiotic fiber to support digestive health as well as antioxidants to strengthen their immune systems.

Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Good for My Dog?

Diamond Naturals is a family-owned business that crafts pet foods using sustainable sources from around the globe. Their foods have been designed to replicate what would naturally occur in an animal’s diet.

The company also produces grain-inclusive and grain-free formulas, both packed with fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrient value.

Attaining optimal health requires eating nutritious grains like sorghum, which is gluten-free and provides a smoother blood sugar response than other grains products.

This recipe is ideal for active dogs such as show, hunter and working breeds, providing at least 31 percent protein to support their energy levels and stamina levels.

This dry food formula includes live proprietary probiotics to promote immune and digestive health for your pup, along with superfoods like kale, pumpkin and blueberries containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Made in the U.S.A.?

Diamond Pet Foods has issued several recalls over the years due to dog food that contains corn contaminated with aflatoxins.

This was an urgent matter and led the company to settle a substantial lawsuit in response. Since then, they have focused their attention on improving product safety.

Diamond Naturals dry dog food is proudly manufactured by family-owned Diamond Pet Foods of Meta, Missouri. Established by US brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter in 1970 with the goal of producing premium food at an accessible price, this family business stands by their original mission statement today: high quality at an accessible cost.

Meta is still home to its headquarters while manufacturing plants can be found in Missouri, Lathrop, California, and Gaston South Carolina. All dry foods are manufactured here while wet recipes are manufactured at a private cannery located within the US.