Dog Ear Infection Treatment at Home

dog ear infection treatment at home

When your dog has an ear infection, you can treat it naturally at home. You can use various home remedies, such as Apple cider vinegar, Oil of Oregano, Banixx, and Green tea. This will help soothe the infection and keep it from coming back. This treatment is easy and will not hurt your pet.

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Apple cider vinegar

If you want to use apple cider vinegar for dog ear infection treatment at your home, you can dilute it to a solution of about 50 percent vinegar to 50 percent olive oil. Do not use water because it can feed the yeast in the ear. Use a cotton swab to wipe the ear canal and base. Use caution while cleaning in order to avoid causing any further damage.

The acidity in vinegar can be a problem for sensitive ears or dogs with allergies, so be careful when applying the solution to the ears. It is also a possible irritant for dogs with broken skin or ear mites. If your dog is prone to allergic reactions, you should avoid using apple cider vinegar. Instead, you can try applying olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil to soothe the ear.

While apple cider vinegar for dog ear infection treatment at the home can help, it is important to remember that it is strong and can burn the dog’s ear. That’s why it is important to dilute the vinegar before applying it to the ear. Another good way to dilute the vinegar is to apply it to your dog’s food or water.

Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic that can be used to treat a dog’s ear infection at home. You can apply one to three drops to the affected ear flap, and clean it thoroughly with a cotton ball. You can also mix one or two drops of oil with a small amount of pure aloe vera juice.

The oil of oregano is highly potent, with immune-supportive and antibacterial properties. It is also effective as a natural insect repellent. However, it’s best to dilute the oil before administering it to your dog. To ensure its safety, you should also follow the directions of a veterinarian when administering it to your dog.

Essential oil of oregano is highly concentrated and can cause discomfort to sensitive tissues inside the ear. It should therefore be diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil. The general dilution guide is one part oregano essential oil to four parts fatty carrier oil. You should also ensure that you give your dog plenty of time to breathe.

Green tea

You can treat your dog’s ear infection at home using green tea. It’s considered a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory that can ease pain and discomfort. The tea is available almost anywhere, making it an ideal solution for dog owners that can’t make it to the vet. All you have to do is steep two or three green tea bags in eight ounces of water and then let it cool before applying it to the dog’s ear.

The tea solution will kill the ear mites, preventing the infection from spreading. It also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, making it an ideal remedy for your dog. Alternatively, you can also apply a vinegar solution to the affected ear. Be sure to avoid using baby talk, as this will cause the infection to become worse. Finally, you can use aloe vera or witch hazel mixed with water to clean the ears.

It is very important to keep your dog’s ears clean and free of dirt. The ears are an important part of the sensory system and allow your dog to hear even the smallest sounds. However, the ears are open, so dirt can accumulate and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. If left untreated, ear infections can be painful and even lead to hearing loss.


Banixx can be used to treat a variety of dog skin infections, including ear infections. It also works for hot spots, ringworm and rain rot. The solution is odorless and safe for dogs and humans. Banixx is a topical solution that can be applied to the affected area twice daily. It is safe to use on your dog’s ears and is non-toxic and will not harm its skin or eyes.

Another home remedy for dogs is a natural product called hemp oil. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. The oil is non-toxic and can be applied directly to the affected area. It is also moisturizing. This remedy will help relieve pain, itchiness, and inflammation associated with dog ear infections.

Banixx can be applied daily to the affected area to prevent ear infections in dogs. The solution is odorless, won’t sting or burn the dog’s eyes, and is easy to use as a dog ear infection treatment at home. It is also effective in treating recurrent ear infections and will not affect the dog’s eyes.