Easy Cat Treats

easy cat treats

Are you searching for a way to show your cat that you care, try making homemade cat treats! They’re easy to make and your furry friend will go crazy for them!

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Most stores carry ingredients your cat is likely to enjoy, such as tuna and oatmeal. Add some catnip for an even cuter treat, and your furry friend will be in total bliss!


Tuna & Pumpkin Cat Treats

Pumpkin not only offers a delicious way to celebrate autumn, but it also contains nutrients beneficial for your cat’s digestion. Its fiber acts as an effective natural laxative and helps prevent furballs while encouraging regular pooping.

Are you searching for an easy treat recipe your cat will enjoy? Try these homemade tuna and pumpkin treats. They’re grain, gluten, and dairy free so they’re gentle enough even for young cats to eat.

Salt In My Coffee’s pumpkin-based cat treat recipe uses tuna and pumpkin combined with coconut flour, mineral powder or parsley and egg for crunchy treats that your feline friend will love. Bake them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes – they’re purr-fect!

These treats are ideal for your feline friend’s next birthday, Hug Your Cat Day or simply because they deserve extra love. Not only that, but they help satisfy their cravings while providing them with a nutritious snack they’ll love.

Cheesy Cat Treats

Cheese is one of those treats cats just love, but it can also cause stomach upset. That’s why offering your cat cheese-free treats is recommended if they are lactose intolerant or have an sensitive tummy.

These simple cat treats are lactose-free, made with nutritional yeast and free from artificial preservatives, flavors, grains or gluten that your pet doesn’t require. And they’re baked in the oven to create a tasty yet healthy treat that won’t disrupt their weight management goals.

This recipe calls for canned mackerel, breadcrumbs, egg and vegetable oil or bacon grease plus Brewer’s yeast (an antioxidant-rich form of yeast). Feline taste-testers loved these fishy treats because of their meaty fish flavor and nutritious nutrition content.

Tuna & Sweet Potato Cat Treats

Homemade cat treats are an easy way to show your feline some affection. Unlike store-bought treats, you have control over the ingredients and ensure they’re nutritious for your furry friend.

Tuna lovers, look no further! My 3 Little Kittens’ recipe uses canned tuna, whole wheat flour and egg white for an irresistible snack that your cat is sure to love!

This recipe also features sweet potato, which provides fiber and helps prevent constipation in cats. The cat treats are baked to a crunchy, chewy texture and can be frozen for extended shelf life.

Tuna & Parsley Crackers

Tuna and parsley are not only nutritious for your cat, but they can also make her feel extra special. Make these delectable treats for holidays, birthdays or just to spoil your pup a bit!

These treats are simple to make with only simple ingredients that your cat will love. Plus, they’re ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs!

Make this recipe fun with cookie cutters by creating fun shapes and sizes. It’s especially ideal for anyone with lots of friends or family that own cats!

To begin, you’ll need canned tuna, crackers and parsley in small pieces. Combine these ingredients and then add an egg to form a dough that holds everything together. Roll out the dough out to about 1/4 inch thick before cutting into one-inch squares. Place them on a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes.