Egg Food For Canaries

egg food for canaries

Canaries can benefit greatly from eating eggs. Not only do they have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, but they also aid in the development of the bird’s brain and eyesight. In addition, many bird species enjoy eating the egg shell, which is a rich source of calcium, a mineral that is important for the bones and beak of a bird. This is why it is beneficial to give canary birds a diet high in eggs.

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CeDe(r) egg food

The dietary supplement CeDe(r) egg food for canary is formulated to support the nutritional needs of canaries throughout their natural cycle. The formula contains 12% egg protein and 16 percent total protein. It also contains beta-carotene, an essential nutrient for canaries. The high-grade proteins and essential amino acids in CeDe(r) egg food make it an excellent choice for canaries.

Cooked eggs

A great source of calcium for canaries is hard-boiled eggs. You can smash these eggs with a potato masher to form egg powder. You can also add crushed whole-wheat bread to the powder to give the canaries an added calcium boost. Canaries and finches love egg powder, which is best given first thing in the morning. Be sure to remove the powder after 30 minutes, as the eggs may spoil in the summer heat.

Crushed eggshells

The benefits of crushed eggshells for canaries are numerous. These are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help your bird’s eyesight and brain develop. Crushed eggshell is also a good source of calcium, which your bird needs for strong bones and a sharp beak. If you have trouble getting your canary to eat the eggshell, consider using a supplement, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, to make the diet more nutritious.

Oats soaked in grease

Oats can be provided in various ways to satisfy the appetite of canaries. The traditional egg food for canaries was made by crushing boiled eggs and combining it with bread or biscuit crumbs. These ingredients were added to the egg food during breeding season. Oats soaked in grease can be a suitable substitute for egg food. The combination is nutritious and suitable for the birds’ growth and health.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a great alternative to shelled and cracked eggs for canaries. Most birds do not have the digestive capacity to digest shelled seeds, so they do not even try to eat them. Other birds may try to crack the shells with their beaks, and eat the soft insides. While the majority of birds will not eat hemp seed, some do. Hemp seeds are an excellent choice for canaries, and you can even purchase them in bulk.

Soaked seed

Soaked seed is not the same as regular seed. It contains more moisture and is more prone to bacterial growth and souring. Regular seed mixes may also contain additional additives. The advantage of soaked seed is that it is highly nutritious and keeps your canary healthy and singing. You can use it in place of regular seed and watch your canary sing for years! If you are concerned about its nutritional value, you can purchase special commercial soaking seeds.


Oatmeal as an egg food for canaries is a good choice for your bird. Oatmeal is a natural source of calcium. It can be cooked or uncooked, but the latter has more crunch. Cooked oatmeal will lose its appeal to your bird. Try to serve it as a treat for your bird once a week or so. Oatmeal has several advantages for your bird.