Eukanuba Large Breed Dry Dog Food

eukanuba large breed

Eukanuba large breed food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs aged 7+ who will weigh 55 lb or more when full grown. Packed full of lamb and rice as well as natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin to support stressed joints as well as prebiotic blend for digestion health, it offers all you need for healthy digestive function and joints!

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Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed dry dog food provides a comprehensive and balanced diet designed to unleash their extraordinary potential. Made of high quality animal proteins that support muscle growth while calcium and phosphorus support healthy bone development; clinically proven DHA levels promote brain health for easier trainability; while optimized fat and carb levels provide concentrated energy for playtime!

This recipe has been specially tailored to meet the nutritional needs of large and giant breed adult dogs, featuring lamb, rice and tailored fibre blend of beet pulp with prebiotics to aid digestion. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support joint health while DHA aids cognitive function.

Eukanuba believes that dogs were designed as carnivores, and should be fed accordingly. That is why they use special fibre systems in their recipes so as to resemble the ancestral diet of wild dogs as closely as possible. Furthermore, Eukanuba opts against adding plant-based protein boosters, instead opting for more meaty sources such as chicken, lamb or beef as protein sources for their dog foods.


Feed your large breed puppy the ultimate nutritional treat with this food designed specifically for them! High-quality animal proteins help build lean muscle mass, while glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support healthy joints, while DHA promotes brain development for smarter and more trainable puppies.

This adult formula provides complete and balanced nutrition to large breed dogs aged 15 months or older and with ideal weights exceeding 55 lb. Lamb serves as the main protein source, along with rice and prebiotic-beet pulp-enriched fibre blend. Furthermore, 27% less fat is included and L-carnitine supports healthy digestion systems.

Its large kibble size was specifically tailored to meet the needs of larger and giant breed dogs, while natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin provide joint health support while 3D DentaDefense helps eliminate tartar build-up for healthy teeth. Furthermore, there are no artificial preservatives included in this food product.


Your senior large breed dog doesn’t seem to slow down as they get older, which makes feeding Eukanuba Large Breed Senior dry food essential to keeping them going strong for years. High-quality chicken serves as the first ingredient, while glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help keep joints mobile while antioxidants like Vitamin E support healthy brain function, helping them remain sharp for longer.

Because large breed puppies develop quickly, this formula has been specially designed to slow their rate of growth in order to decrease joint issues later. With high levels of quality animal proteins providing muscle growth while optimizing calcium and phosphorus intake for bone health. Plus natural vegetable fiber and prebiotics aid digestion while Eukanuba’s unique DentaDefense system helps support dental hygiene; additionally supplemental DHA supports brain health development.


Eukanuba understands the special dietary needs of large breed dogs. From trail running with their owners or playing fetch with children, active sporting and working dogs need higher calories to fuel their performance. Our nutritional science has been powering dogs since 1969!

Eukanuba not only uses high quality animal proteins, but also utilises tailored fibres that support digestive health and weight maintenance. Their hexagonal kibble shape and DentaDefense formula help reduce plaque and tartar while natural sources of omega 6 and 3 promote skin and coat health.

Adult sporting and working dogs require high energy and performance levels that necessitate high protein consumption to repair muscles and support bones and joints. Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Large Breed Dog Food was specifically formulated with this in mind, boasting high poultry protein levels while offering lower fat content – to help them reach optimum weight without joint stress.