Fancy Canary Food

fancy canary food

Fancy canary food has a variety of options. You can choose from French’s Song, Bird Biscuit, Soaked seeds, and Venetian red rape, to name a few. These canary treats are not only delicious, but they are also healthy and good for your canary’s overall health.

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French’s Song

French’s Bird Seed is a wonderful product for canaries. This fancy canary food is made with a vitamin B12 supplement and is suitable for canaries during their growth stage. It is a great choice for canaries that are growing into independent birds. It’s a good idea to keep a French’s Bird Biscuit in the cage at all times, as it provides added calcium, vitamin B, and iron. You can also add a small amount of Iron Compound to their drinking water once in a while. It’s also a good idea to add 1/4 teaspoon of flaxseed or niger seed to their French’s Song Food. You can also feed them an egg mix, which is a hard cooked egg mixed with toasted bread crumbs. This mixture is recommended to be given to them once a week.

When feeding your canary, make sure to moisten the French’s Song Food in your lips and place it near the upper perch. Your canary should be able to pick it up off your fingers, but it is a good idea to give it a little extra space when they are first introduced to their new home.

French’s Bird Biscuit

At a time when packaged foods were only beginning to be sold in grocery stores, George J. French came up with the brilliant idea of marketing bird seed in a package. A lover of canaries himself, he knew that canary owners would welcome a clean, packaged treat for their feathered friends. He began selling his branded bird seed and began answering letters from bird owners.

Choosing a good canary food is crucial. French’s Bird Biscuit is a premium brand that provides all the nutrients a bird needs to thrive. A small amount goes a long way in ensuring the best diet for your bird. Whether you’re feeding your canary pellets or preparing your own homemade canary food, it’s important to choose a nutritious and tasty food.

Soaked seeds

Canaries need more than just seed to thrive, so you should try to find a mix that has a combination of different seeds. This can include canary grass seeds, white millet, flaxseed, cardoon, perilla, and Venetian red rape. Besides these seeds, you can try giving your bird fresh greens like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and dandelion.

While you can feed your bird a variety of foods, the most important thing to remember is that soaked seed is one of the best treats for your bird. This can be a great way to get the nutrition your canary needs. Most seeds, such as cracked corn or wheat, are too hard for canaries, so you must soak them first. This will break down the complex carbohydrates, making them more digestible and palatable. Soaking can be done with a special soak seed mix, which includes two parts water to one part seed. Once the mix is soaked, strain it and feed it to your bird.

Venetian red rape

Venetian red rape fancy canadian food contains a mixture of ground and flour-based ingredients. The result is soft, yellow or white mash, which provides the canary with protein. It is especially useful during winter months. Feed this to your bird two to three times a week to help it get the nutrients it needs.

White millet

Canaries are easy to care for, but the basics of feeding and keeping a canary healthy are crucial. They need a diet that contains a mix of fortified seeds, including golden German millet, canary seed, oat groats, flax, and steel cut oats. You can also add fresh greens, such as dandelions and collard greens. Just make sure to avoid lettuce!

White millet, also known as proso millet, is a small, round seed that is a favorite among ground feeding birds. It is rich in protein and slightly sweet. It’s a great choice for birders who want to attract more species to their feeders. It can be scattered on the ground or offered in tray feeders with good drainage.


If you are looking for a great treat for your canary, why not try a fancy canary food? These canary treats are packed with vitamins and minerals and are perfect for your pet’s daily diet. The song toner also contains antibiotik and vitamin E. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can purchase it at Toko Queen Restu.

Canaries are small passerine birds. They typically reach a length of 5.5 inches, and have plump, rounded bodies. They have pretty songs and are known for their calm natures. You can even let them roam freely if you give them some room to move around.


Perilla fancy canary food contains high-quality ingredients. This premium food contains high-quality canary seed, turnip seed, and vitamin pellets. It also includes premium seeds, such as perilla and lettuce seed. It is especially beneficial to larger species of canaries. Perilla fancy canary food is not suitable for younger birds.

Perilla seed oil contains high amounts of tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, and beta-sitosterol. It is very effective at moisturizing skin. It also contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. It is important to keep perilla seed oil in a dark, air-tight bottle.