Fiesta Parakeet Food

Fiesta parrot food is a nutritionally fortified gourmet diet made with a carefully selected blend of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and probiotics. The high-quality ingredients provide maximum variety for your bird. The prebiotics and probiotics in this food support healthy intestinal and respiratory tract function. This gourmet diet is also formulated with the needs of each species in mind. Kaytee understands that sharing a life with a pet bird enriches both of you.

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Kaytee Fiesta Max Premier blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains

Whether you’re looking for a gourmet, high-quality diet for your bird, or you want to provide a tasty treat, Fiesta will fit the bill. This gourmet blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains contains vitamins, minerals, and DHA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid. It’s fortified with probiotics and includes a variety of flavors to please your bird’s taste buds. Plus, it’s made in the USA so you can rest easy knowing your avian’s diet is healthy and full of nutrients.

With a blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains, Fiesta Max is a complete and balanced diet for your pet. It’s rich in DHA Omega-3, which supports heart health, as well as prebiotics, which aid digestion. It’s also made with sustainable and organic ingredients for the highest level of quality.

Kaytee Fiesta

If you want your gerbil or hamster to enjoy the best possible nutrition, try Kaytee Fiesta food. Made from a premium blend of seeds, fruits, and vegetables, Kaytee Fiesta hamster and gerbil food offers maximum variety and nutritional value for your pet. Kaytee Fiesta food is also hypoallergenic, which means your gerbil or hamster will experience fewer allergies to this brand of food.

The brand is proud of its unique and scientifically formulated food for rats and mice. Its food is made with only the highest-quality ingredients and is delivered free to your door. The recipes are created to appeal to both your pet’s sense of humor and your pocketbook. You’ll be delighted by your pet’s happy face! Its gourmet, nutritious formula offers an excellent balance of flavor, nutrition, and fun.

Besides its tasty taste, Kaytee Fiesta food is also nutritious and full of antioxidants. The unique combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and whole grains contains essential nutrients that your birds need to thrive. Fiesta is also full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids that contribute to your bird’s shiny feathers and lowered cholesterol. It also contains vitamins and essential minerals needed for their healthy growth.

Kaytee Fiesta Max

Kaytee Fiesta Parrot Food is a gourmet, nutritionally-fortified diet made with a proprietary blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and other natural ingredients. Its wide variety of flavors, textures, and ingredients provides your parrot with the most varied diet possible. Additionally, Fiesta contains prebiotics and probiotics to provide your bird with the best possible nutrition. And, it’s specially formulated for the bird species, so your bird can thrive!

Kaytee Fiesta Max is one of the few products available that has been scientifically-formulated to be both nutritionally and visually optimal for your pet. This premium parakeet food contains DHA Omega-3, a fatty acid that supports your bird’s heart, brain, and visual functions. It also contains prebiotics and probiotics to promote digestive health. Kaytee Fiesta Max is made to be as nutritious as possible, yet still be delicious!

The new variety in Kaytee Fiesta Max Parrot Food is ideal for small birds. Its colorful and varied food helps your parrots sort through their foods by shape and color. They also like to chew on the food, which is why it is formulated with a wide range of shapes and textures. This variety is also enriched with DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that support immunity, and probiotics.