Flakes For Tropical Fish

Flakes are an indispensable ingredient of most fish tanks, often tailored specifically for specific types of fish or featuring color-enhancing agents.

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Some species of tropical fish require specific levels of nutrients in their diet to thrive, making it essential to understand which fish to feed and how. Here are a few suggestions.


Tropical Discus Gran Wild

TROPICAL DISCUS GRAN D-50 PLUS is a multi-ingredient food in granular form that slowly sinks, composed of algae, krill and fruit for daily feeding of discus fish and other demanding species from wild catch. Its delicate texture softens quickly in water and is enthusiastically accepted by wild-caught species. Unsaturated fatty acids, protein (rich in essential amino acids) vitamins from Spirulina and chlorella provide essential amino acids while trace elements (including Iodine, Chromium selenium and Iron) help promote excellent condition intensive growth vitality while natural astaxanthin intensifies coloration while beta-glucan helps strengthen immunity systems.

Tropical Astacolor

High quality flake food designed to enhance discus fishes’ colour. A high dosage of natural carotenoids such as astaxanthin can help intensify all spectrums of intense and vivid hues in subcutaneous fat-laden fish, especially discus species with thick layers. Furthermore, adding zeolite helps ensure healthy digestion and release of toxins from their bodies.

Slow sinking granules for large species of labyrinth fish, made from herring and insects (source of high quality protein and Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids). Highly palatable.

Tropical Green Algae Wafers

Loricariidae are fish species which require high proportions of vegetable components in their diet and feed by scraping hard surfaces for food sources in nature. Spirulina and Ketapang leaves can aid digestion while zeolite helps release toxins while kelp algae boost immunity.

Pellets are larger than fish flakes and designed to float, making it easier for bottom dwellers to consume them. This makes them the ideal food source.

Tropical Tanganyika

TANGANYIKA CHIPS are multi-ingredient sinking chips designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of larger cichlid species from Lake Tanganyika (Genera Altolamprologus, Julidochromis, Lamprologus, Neolamprologus and Lepidiolamprologus etc.). Each food item contains 70% marine-sourced ingredients such as shrimps, krill and squid to provide these fish with quality proteins and essential amino acids essential for their wellbeing.

Lake Tanganyika, Malawi and Victoria boast some of the richest cichlid communities found anywhere in East African rift lakes, featuring many species that are diverse phenotypically, behaviorally and genetically.

Tropical Malawi Chips

TROPICAL Malawi Chips are slow sinking flakes formulated specifically to meet the high nutritional requirements of Lake Malawi cichlids and other tropical fish with complex diets, such as herbivorous or omnivorous species with higher nutritional needs such as wheat germs providing valuable unsaturated fatty acids or l-carnitine supporting fat metabolism. These chips feature easy digestion vegetable proteins from green peas, spirulina and kelp algae which easily digest. Wheat germs provide valuable unsaturated fatty acids while wheat germs provide vital unsaturated fatty acids while L-carnitine helps support fat metabolism.

It also contains natural color enhancers.

Tropical Hobby Mix

Tetra Min Large Tropical Flakes have been specially developed to offer large tropical fish the nutrition they require in a form that’s easier for them to consume. Their ProCare mix of vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids enhance immunity against disease while the digestibility reduces uneaten food waste, intensifying their natural colors further.

Tropical Kirysek

TROPICAL KIRYSEK is an all-in-one food made up of small sinking granules designed to meet the daily feeding requirements for Corydoras catfish (Corydoras corydoras), Botia and Pangio loaches (Botia pangio) as well as all bottom feeders. Containing zeolite to assist digestion and remove toxins from fish bodies.

It contains stabilised vitamin C to promote optimal functioning of the long intestine and decrease constipation risk, along with easily assimilable vegetable proteins and unsaturated fatty acids from wheat germs.

Tropical Ovo-vit

Fish that feed at the surface need food that slowly dissolves without clouding up their environment. Our floating flakes for these fish provide herring, squid, calanus and insect proteins as well as natural carotenoids and stabilized vitamin C to strengthen immune systems and boost health.

Tropical Ovo-vit strengthening egg flakes are an invaluable supplementary food source, providing fish with essential proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and easily absorbable lecithin from egg yolk. As they support growth, maturation and spawning processes they make the perfect supplement for fry or young fish with high nutritional demands.

Tropical Breeder Mix

Tropical Breeder Mix is a multi-ingredient food in the form of small sinking granules designed for daily feeding of ornamental fish kept in professional breeding aquariums, wholesale warehouses, pet shops and zoological gardens. It includes natural immunostimulant BETA-1.3/1.6-GLUCAN as well as stabilized vitamin C to strengthen immune systems while adding zeolite can aid digestion processes while aiding with release of toxins from fish bodies.

Tropical Ichtio-vit

Tropical Ichtio-vit is an everyday food for feeding omnivorous aquarium fish in multi-species tanks. With its optimally balanced formula incorporating vitamins and trace elements, Tropical Ichtio-vit ensures their optimal development.

Tropical Plecos Tablets are sinking granules designed for daily feeding of large herbivorous or carnivorous catfish (Loricariidae). Carefully selected ingredients and natural immune stimulant BETA-1.3/1.6-GLUCAN help promote an immune-strengthening immune system in these fish.