Flakes of Fish Food

Flakes are the cornerstone of most aquariums and cater specifically to certain fish species. They float at the water surface and contain essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy growth, energy expenditure, pigmentation and an improved immune system.

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API Tropical Flake food has been specifically formulated to encourage healthy growth while simultaneously lowering ammonia levels in your aquatic ecosystem. With menhaden and squid for optimal growth, garlic for tasty bites, and carotenoids for vibrant colors – API Tropical Flake delivers all-round nutritional excellence in one convenient food formula!



Fish flakes are an integral component of most aquariums. Made of simple ingredients tailored specifically to specific species of fish, flakes typically float briefly before sinking to make their food available to midwater and bottom feeders alike.

API Tropical Flakes is a high-protein diet specifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs of community fish species such as angelfish, tetras, and barbs. Formulated using high-grade fish proteins as well as insect proteins derived from garlic and yeast for maximum growth potential. Highly digestible flakes release 30% less ammonia into the water which keeps your tank cleaner and clearer for longer. Furthermore, its natural color enhancers bring out all its beauty.


Fish that feed on algae or other plant matter may benefit from eating flakes made partially or entirely of plant matter, which offer nutritional values similar to meat protein-rich food items. However, such types of flakes may not provide as many essential vitamins and minerals.

These flakes have been designed specifically to be tasty and digestible for tropical community fish like Angelfish, Tetras and Barbs. Their ingredients include menhaden and squid for protein sources and carotenoids to improve color. Spirulina algae provides natural vitamins and minerals; garlic provides immune support; while various chelated trace minerals ensure easy absorption.

These flakes are fortified with GarlicGuard to encourage appetite in finicky fish. Packed full of proteins from whole fish, shrimp and krill to replicate what marine species might eat naturally; further enhanced with chlorella algae which contains essential enzymes as well as all essential minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin B; they’re proteinated and hydrolyzed to make digestion simpler for fish.


Fishy flakes and pellets may provide adequate food sources for aquarium animals, but this shouldn’t be your sole means of providing your aquatic friends with sustenance.

Herbivorous fish must feed on algae, so make sure you provide fresh and unfrozen food that resembles what they would consume in their natural environment. Some cichlids, tetras and angelfish species especially enjoy nibbling on specially designed herbivorous food such as spirulina flakes.

Brine shrimp can also be given, though their nutritional quality varies widely and should only be fed occasionally. Herbivorous species such as guppies and tetras will enjoy feedings of blanched zucchini and cucumber slices held under water with your hand (larger species may need submersible “lettuce clips” to keep these vegetables submerged safely). These vegetables contain fibers that may help prevent constipation or digestive problems in their natural state.

Bottom Feeders

Bottom feeders often carry with them an unfavorable reputation – they may seem to scour lake beds for unsavoury detritus – yet these aquatic ecosystem staples play a critical role. Their primary job is taking up organic waste that fouls up water bodies while simultaneously helping plants to grow and absorb carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Some aquatic fish, like the pictus catfish and sand dace, are predators, eating dead fish and invertebrates; others like sand dace graze on aquatic plants and macroalgae that live in aquatic environments. To find sustenance they use something known as an inferior mouth–an extended and pointed mouth that allows them to root around while keeping an eye out for potential threats such as predators.

API TROPICAL FLAKES are highly-palatable, nutritionally-enhanced fish food formulated to promote healthy growth and cleaner waters for tropical fish species such as Tetras, Angelfish, Discus and Barbs. With an optimal protein concentration easily digested by fish to reduce waste levels and ammonia levels and promote healthier environments. Feed two times daily offering only as much food as they’ll consume within three minutes for best results.