Flea Treats For Dogs

flea treats

Fleas and ticks can cause discomfort, skin irritation, itching, and even severe allergic reactions in both animals and people. They also pose health risks due to spreading multiple diseases.

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There are a variety of flea and tick medications available that can help rid your home of these tiny parasites. Treatment options range from oral/chewable tablets to topical solutions.



Garlic can act as a natural flea repellent for dogs. Simply add it to their food or chewed as treats – its sulfur helps repel fleas!

Garlic spray can also help eliminate fleas from your lawn and garden, but its usage should be done with caution.

Since garlic has an intense smell that could potentially harm plants, be mindful to keep any pets away from where you spray.

There is some debate regarding the safety and effectiveness of garlic as a flea treatment, but generally speaking it’s generally considered safe when administered correctly to most dogs. You can combine garlic with other flea control products for even greater results.

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s Yeast, a byproduct of beer production, contains thiamine which may help prevent flea infestation. Furthermore, it’s full of B vitamins which may improve your dog’s coat.

Brewer’s Yeast can be found in most commercial pet food supplements or as a powder that you can sprinkle onto your dog’s food or add to their flea control shampoo.

Make homemade brewer’s yeast treats that are both convenient and effective in protecting pets from fleas. All it takes to get them started are coconut oil and a combination of brewer’s yeast, garlic and other spices.

Homemade brewer’s yeast cubes are one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting both cats and dogs from fleas and other insects, while being natural and safe alternatives to chemical treatments. While natural flea cures take some time to work their magic, they are thousands more effective than their chemical counterparts.


Peppermint essential oil has long been used as an antidote for headaches and insect repellant. Additionally, it can be used to kill fleas and prevent infestations in homes.

Peppermint oil diluted with rubbing alcohol will be effective in repelling fleas as well as killing flea eggs and larvae.

Place a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil into your vacuum cleaner to help deter fleas, as this will also suffocate any emerging larvae and kill them off quickly.

When using peppermint oil on your pet, it is vital to consult a veterinarian first in order to ensure it is suitable. Your veterinarian can advise which products and dosages are safe for dogs as well as whether any have been linked with poisoning of animals.


Lavender has long been used as an herb, hailing from Mediterranean regions and found worldwide.

Lamiaceae family. There are 39 species and 100s of cultivars included within this genus.

This herb is widely revered for its aromatic and soothing properties, making it an effective remedy against anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy practitioners have relied on its power for centuries.

Your lavender essential oil comes in various forms and applications – it can be massaged into the skin, used as aromatherapy in an air diffuser, or applied directly onto pillows for aromatherapy use.

Lavender can also be purchased in capsule form as a supplement, though it’s important to consult your healthcare provider first as taking too much lavender may interfere with existing medications you are taking and cause adverse interactions.