Flukers Crested Gecko Food

Flukers crested gecko food is a meal replacement powder designed to be mixed with water and offers protein sources from peas, lima beans, whey and eggs as well as fruit sources like mango and apple.

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This product is specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of crested geckos throughout their lives, as well as providing them with live feeder insects through dubia roaches.

Premium Fruit & Insect Diet

Crested geckos are fruit-eating reptiles and require plenty of vitamins, minerals and carotenoids in their diets for proper growth and health. This easy-to-mix powder from an established reptile food company provides the ideal supplement for crested geckos of all stages.

Diet of crested gecko is composed of real fruits and insects to provide all essential nutrients required for their wellbeing. The powder contains 30% insects and 50% fruit such as banana, mango, coconut and watermelon while black soldier fly larvae provide protein.

While not intended as the sole diet source for crested geckoes, supplementing it can help mitigate malnutrition risk. Simply mix powder with small amounts of water until desired consistency is reached – for optimal results feed in evening hours only and any uneaten portions should be removed within 24 hours.

Fruit & Vegetable Diet

Crested geckos are omnivorous animals and must receive both plant-based foods and insects in their natural diet to remain healthy and vital. Therefore, providing your pet with both will ensure its well-being.

This ready-to-mix powdered diet features banana, mango and blueberry to provide your pet with essential vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and trace nutrients for overall wellbeing. This diet may be fed exclusively or as an addition to live insect prey; therefore it’s suitable for crested gecko species of all life stages.

Cresteed geckos are very sensitive to temperature differences within their enclosure, with too high or low temperature levels impacting their appetite and potentially leading them to reject food altogether. Furthermore, if your pet shows signs of being gravid or is about to lay eggs they may refuse any further sustenance altogether.

If your pet seems lethargic or exhibits strange stool characteristics that differ from their usual pattern, as well as having reduced appetite or acting lethargic, they could have parasites which should be diagnosed by a veterinarian immediately.


Crested geckos are known to eat an assortment of insects and plant matter when in the wild; some owners opt for providing more complete diets which exclude live insects in favor of premixed meals; there are various brands of crested gecko food which offer this feature.

Zoo Med is one of the top names in reptile food. Their crested gecko food comes as a powder that can be mixed with water to form a wet meal for their crested gecko population, featuring banana, date, and fig as primary dried fruits as well as grass-fed New Zealand cow whey protein isolate and pea protein from grass fed New Zealand cows as main calcium sources along with probiotics and paprika to promote vibrant crestie colors.

Fluker’s Farms and Pangea provide pre-mixed gecko diets consisting of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients to provide complete gecko nutrition. These diets make life simpler for owners looking for an easy solution without feeding live insects; or for those wanting an affordable pre-mixed solution with quality pre-mixed diet options.