Fresh Breath Dog Treats

An important component of overall canine wellness is having healthy teeth. With these fresh breath dog treats, keep your pup’s breath smelling sweet while simultaneously reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

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This natural chew contains baking soda to combat odors and is vitamin-enriched to support dental health, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes.


Arm & Hammer Dental Chews

Everyone who owns a dog knows the importance of maintaining proper dental health for their four-legged friend, but brushing teeth can often be challenging for dogs and finding tasty yet effective dental treats can be challenging.

Now there are chews available that will help your dog maintain clean teeth while freshening their breath, such as Arm & Hammer for Pets Ringers which utilize baking soda to scrub plaque and tartar off teeth while your pup chews.

Virbac C.E.T VeggieDent Tartar Control Chews offer another effective option, boasting a Z-shaped design to access any area of your pup’s teeth more efficiently and being plant-based and easy to digest, they are suitable for adult dogs as well as puppies.

Old Mother Hubbard Breath Freshener

Old Mother Hubbard offers nutritious treats designed to meet the needs of dogs at all ages and stages in their lives. Their natural chews come in an assortment of flavors and textures to meet each dog’s specific palate.

These oven-baked solutions contain baking soda to combat odors, vitamins that promote tooth and gum health, as well as herbs such as parsley, fennel, and spearmint to freshen breath.

These long, triangle-shaped chews help your pup have fresher breath with natural ingredients like spirulina that help combat bad breath and promote oral health. As they’re low in calories and make for an ideal daily treat for any size pup! You can purchase these treats individually or four packs as small, medium or large chews depending on what works for them!

X-Chew Dental Chew Sticks

These dog chew sticks feature special textures designed to physically scrape away plaque and tartar while your pup chews, helping remove tartar manually while simultaneously freshening their breath with ingredients to freshen breath. There is something suitable for dogs of all ages in each size range available here.

Dental chews for dogs can help control plaque and tartar build-up, promote healthy gums, reduce malodor and ultimately help prevent periodontal disease that contributes to life-threatening conditions such as liver, kidney and heart diseases. They may also discourage your pup from chewing up furniture or shoes which could prove costly in the long run.

Always read the label of treats and chews intended for your pet to ensure they are suitable. If they are known to choke or have intestinal blockages, check ingredient labels carefully. If they tend to swallow their treats whole, break into smaller pieces before feeding.

Friskies Breath Freshening Treats

Freshen your pet’s breath and help prevent tartar buildup with these delicious dental chews, designed with special texture for added tartar control. Veterinarian-recommended and boasting the VOHC seal of approval, these treats are soft enough for most canines while boasting breath-freshening mint flavor for extra fresh breath!

Vermont offers this all-natural treat made from three easily identifiable ingredients and without wheat or corn, free from artificial flavors and packed with calcium to reduce plaque build-up and bad breath.

These long twists of peppermint-scented long twists are designed to freshen teething puppies’ breath with peppermint while simultaneously helping scrub away plaque and tartar buildup while being chewed upon, not to mention providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall health benefits.

Thrive Breath Freshening Treats

Thrive Breath Freshening Treats offer an all-natural solution to freshen up your dog’s breath. Packed with pumpkin and parsley leaves for optimal digestion, these treats help eliminate bad dog breath by eliminating the odors that cause bad dog breath.

Greenies dental chews are recommended by veterinarians as an effective solution to tartar, plaque and odor reduction. Packed with protein-rich highly soluble ingredients such as minerals and vitamins for your pet’s daily nutrition needs as well as unique textures to massage his gums while simultaneously cleaning his teeth, these dental treats will keep your pup feeling their best while simultaneously cleaning his oral health.

These soft, chewy dental sticks are an ideal choice for teething puppies. Crafted with all natural ingredients and featuring a ridged texture to effectively scrape away plaque and tartar build-up mechanically. Plus, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives used during production!