Fresh Dog Food For Picky Eaters

dog food for picky eaters

Finicky dogs can be difficult to feed. When they become so selective that they won’t even accept their regular meals, seeking advice from a veterinarian may be worthwhile – rather than offering extra treats just to satisfy them, this won’t provide them with the proper balanced diet they require.

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Food that will appeal to picky eaters includes food with various flavors and ingredients, along with plenty of meat for variety and sustenance.


The Farmer’s Dog

This well-respected fresh food company promises vet-approved meals made with natural ingredients and delivered straight to your door. Each recipe is created and approved by board-certified veterinary nutritionists as being 100% complete and balanced.

Diets made with fresh food are prepared at lower temperatures and less processed than kibble, eliminating extraneous preservatives that aren’t beneficial to your dog’s wellbeing. Plus, these meals contain essential vegetables as well as carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa or oats – as well as being fortified with flaxseed and fish oil which provide essential omega fatty acids that support skin, coat and immune system health.

Each box provides 14 days worth of food for your pup to adjust to its new diet, providing plenty of time for any finicky eaters. Cost depends on size; K9 of Mine readers can save 50 off with our exclusive coupon!


Nom NomNow is a fresh pet food provider that cooks and delivers vet-formulated dog foods directly to homes across the nation. Their food is slow-cooked for optimal nutrition preservation and shipped using thermal packaging that ensures meals arrive cold during shipping.

Your dog’s food is designed to meet their current and ideal body weight needs, with a balance of proteins, carbs and fats to promote good health in your pup. All recipes have been designed with input from Dr. Justin Shmalberg who is board-certified specialist in veterinary nutrition.

The company’s beef, chicken, and turkey recipes offer picky eaters an excellent solution. Made with minimal ingredients that are easier for pets to digest – including chia seeds, prebiotics and probiotics that promote digestive health – their food is slow-cooked to retain vital nutrients while featuring delicious flavors to satisfy picky dogs. They are also sold at specialty pet stores throughout the US.

Open Farm RawMix

Open Farm RawMix offers ethically and sustainably-sourced raw food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Their kibble-coated meals utilize raw animal protein along with freeze dried blends and chunks, all without artificial flavors, preservatives or additives.

This Canidae All Life Stages recipe boasts its main source of animal protein from deboned turkey, as well as providing whole grains, healthy vegetables and fruit as well as fish oil, chia seeds and probiotics for digestive and skin health benefits.

Honest Kitchen Pour Overs are flavorful stews designed to be drizzled onto a dog’s kibble for an enhanced meal, made with limited ingredients that are free from GMOs, fillers and artificial preservatives. Available in five proteins made right here in America!

Spot & Tango Unkibble

Spot & Tango is one of the more established fresh food brands and provides a range of recipes. Their Turkey & Red Quinoa option is great for finicky pups as it contains more protein and less carbohydrates than traditional kibble. Plus they use eggs – an underutilized ingredient in pet food industry which offers vital nutrition.

Spot & Tango provides meal plans tailored specifically for dogs of various sexes and neutered status, age, breed, activity level and health concerns. By providing this information to them, Spot & Tango can determine an appropriately nutritious diet for them.

Spot & Tango utilizes only premium quality ingredients in their meals and offers an assortment of recipes. Choose between their Fresh Meals or Unkibble options – each feature three recipes! They also provide treats, like yam yums and chicken munchies.