Friskies Party Mix Gravy Licious

Your cat will love these tasty treats made with chicken and gravy flavors. Their crunchy texture helps clean her teeth while the unique shapes keep her engaged during treat time.

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These treats contain less than 2 calories per treat, making them a perfect way to reward your cat while keeping her healthy. Plus, they come in an easy-to-transport pouch for on-the-go snacking on-the go!


Chicken & Gravy Flavours

Friskies party mix gravy licious is a must-try for cats who enjoy chicken and spicy gravy. Each cat treat features whisker-licking flavor your furry friend will absolutely adore, plus an attractive shape to keep her engaged during snack time. She’ll keep running after these tasty morsels, and won’t mind any extra attention from you if she finds out about them beforehand! The convenient resealable packaging makes feeding time easier while the unique shapes will surely impress even pickiest feline!

Turkey & Gravy Flavours

Treat your kitty to the delectable turkey flavor she craves with Friskies party mix gravy licious cat treats. She’ll savor every crunchy bite of meaty turkey and flavorful gravy while enjoying a wholesome treat that helps keep her teeth clean. These treats are specially shaped to entice her, using high-quality ingredients you can trust. Plus, Friskies supports The Purple Leash Project by converting more domestic violence shelters into pet-friendly spaces. It’s sure to satisfy her appetite and turn snack time into something fun and exciting – plus with its resealable pouch, you’ll always have plenty on hand for emergencies!

Chicken & Gravy Flavors

Friskies party mix gravy licious cat treats offer the ultimate snack time experience with savory chicken and gravy flavors your kitty will adore. Tasty chicken flavor feeds her poultry cravings while the irresistible gravy flavor tantalizes her palate, so she can’t wait to pounce on these irresistible treats as soon as you open the pouch! Plus, each treat only contains 2 calories and comes in an easy resealable pouch so you can feed your furry friend without worrying about her waistline!

All proceeds from the sale of Friskies party mix gravy licking treats are donated to Purple Leash Project, which supports efforts to transform domestic violence shelters into pet-friendly spaces. We thank you for your generosity!

Make your kitty ready for a party of her own with Friskies party mix gravy lixious treats! She’ll enjoy the delectable chicken and gravy flavors in every crunchy bite, and you can rest assured knowing these treats have been created with high-quality ingredients your cat can trust.

Turkey & Gravy Flavors

Cats absolutely adore turkey, so they’ll be licking their chops at the taste of gravy in this purr-worthy pouch of deliciousness. Friskies party mix gravy licious delivers whisker-licking turkey flavor in every delicious bite with an added drizzle of gravy on top for double the savory enjoyment. Plus, Friskies is proud to be part of Purple Leash Project which transforms domestic violence shelters into pet-friendly spaces. Your furry friend is sure to appreciate these unique shapes and colors while its crunchy texture helps keep her teeth clean too!