Frozen Turtle Food

Frozen turtle food provides an easily digestible and nutritionally complete meal for their aquatic friends. Packed with essential vitamin D3, calcium and other important elements beneficial to turtle health, the formula comes complete with everything a reptile requires to survive and flourish.

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As a tasty summer treat, turtle was once an indispensable staple at Fourth of July dinners. Boasting meaty flavor and texture similar to both squid and alligator, turtle is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.


FishScience Frozen Blister Pack Turtle Food

FishScience Frozen Blister Pack Turtle Food provides an easy way to feed marine herbivores and omnivores a nutrient-rich meal. Containing 77% protein from marine algae and seafood ingredients, plus DHA/EPA & bio-encapsulated multivitamins; each package of 40 mini cubes in blister packs for no-touch handling can be fed anywhere between one to three times a day for best results – ideal for Turtles/Terrapins/Axolotls/ Salamanders/Newts/Frogs or any number of decorative fish species/Species!

Reptile One Frozen Turtle Food

This food was designed with all of the essential ingredients necessary for optimal turtle nutrition, including animal and plant proteins, vitamins, and calcium. This Australian-made adult formula helps promote bone and shell health, stimulate appetite, and strengthen resistance against stress. Your turtle will love its taste!

Each frozen cube has been designed for your pet to easily consume. Simply thaw out in a glass of water before dropping them directly into its aquarium or bowl for consumption.

Ingredients include New Zealand green lip mussels, lean roo silverside beef, salmon, prawns, clams, krill pacifica krill, whole herring and black cod from Wombaroo’s custom multivitamin and mineral formula designed to support healthy growth – essential omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids; vitamin D3; calcium; as well as garlic added for palatability and parasite resistance.

Aquarium Industries Frozen Turtle Food

Aquarium Industries Frozen Food Range offers nutritious foods made of ingredients commonly fed to fish and turtles in nature. Perfectly supplementing dry foods for balanced diets that promote overall pet wellness, these frozen treats contain no preservatives or artificial colours while offering useful feeding tips and list of contents so you can ensure you’re giving your pets what they deserve.

These premium pellets are specially designed to offer aquatic turtles a balanced mix of animal and plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals for healthy development and shell growth. Rich in calcium for shell development and fortified with fish protein to enhance palatability; further fortified with vitamin D3 and ocean kelp; their unique low-moisture formula helps minimize waste while providing more food per cube than comparable frozen products.

Our Aquatic Turtle Food comes in hatchling, growth and maintenance forms to meet the needs of aquatic turtles of various varieties including Red Ear Sliders, Maps Muds Painteds Snake Necks. Each formula can easily digested by these sensitive aquatic reptiles while our floating pellets help aquatic turtles find their dinner more easily.

Wombaroo Frozen Turtle Food

Food variety is key for maintaining the health of pet turtles. Omnivorous pet turtles should consume both animal products and plant materials; their ratio depends on species. Non-toxic aquatic plants such as water hyacinth and duckweed, vegetables and fruits should all form part of their diet.

Make sure your turtle’s diet contains sufficient vitamin A in order to prevent deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to poor eyesight, skin issues, and slow metabolism – for maximum benefit feed your turtle a mixture of ground beef heart minced with Wombaroo reptile supplement in a hand mincer for maximum effect.

Feed your turtles separately to avoid overfeeding and overloading their tank’s filtration system. Thaw cubes in cold water before adding them, and always remove any uneaten food afterward. Baby turtles should be fed a small amount daily; adults require feedings every three days.