Glucosamine Dog Treats

glucosamine dog treats

Glucosamine is a crucial building block of cartilage and synovial fluid – two crucial elements to help your dog move freely. Unfortunately, as they age their bodies produce less glucosamine naturally; supplements may be needed to keep their joints healthy.

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Chicken feet and beef trachea contain natural sources of glucosamine that is easily absorbed by your dog’s body, or you could feed them green-lipped mussels, an excellent source of this compound.


Natural Ingredients

Glucosamine is one of the most sought-after supplements for dogs suffering from joint pain and stiffness, helping promote cartilage cell production while supporting healthy synovial fluid. Furthermore, this natural anti-inflammatory can even treat arthritis symptoms!

Chondroitin is another nutrient that supports cartilage health by increasing water retention in cartilage cells, thus improving shock absorption and making the tissue more flexible and spongy. When taken together with glucosamine supplements, its effectiveness doubles. MSM is another natural ingredient which has anti-inflammatory properties while soothing pain.

As your dog ages, her body produces less glucosamine and chondroitin; therefore it’s essential to add these essential supplements back into her diet. Determining an appropriate dosage and schedule depends on many factors, including her weight, age, breed and condition – it’s best to speak to a veterinarian regarding an ideal feeding schedule so as to ensure she receives enough glucosamine to maintain joint health.

Good Value

Obtaining great value when looking for glucosamine dog treats is crucial, particularly when purchasing long-term supplements that require multiple treats to reach a therapeutic dose. High-quality joint supplement chews provide a safe and efficient means of giving dogs their dose.

VETRISCIENCE Glycoflex Stage 3 is one of the best options available to treat dogs looking for joint supplements, offering 1000mg per soft chew along with 350mg each of chondroitin and MSM, and corydalis extract to aid with pain and inflammation relief.

These chews are an ideal complement to raw food diets and can be used either as an add-on treat or mixed into their regular food kibble. Low in calories and perfect for senior dogs to chew on. Their subtle chicken flavor ensures their success in America while some dogs may not appreciate these treats as much.


If your dog is having difficulty getting up from restful positions or showing symptoms of arthritis, glucosamine supplement may help them produce more cartilage cells and synovial fluid to delay joint damage progression.

You can find glucosamine supplements in various delivery systems for pets, including chews, jerky snacks, tablets, liquids and daily food. Chews are particularly convenient because they make it simple to ensure a consistent dosage is being received by your furry friend.

Look for products with active ingredients such as chondroitin, MSM and turmeric to provide fast relief of pain and mobility issues in dogs.

Seek products approved by both FDA and NASC, audited annually for compliance with cGMP standards, to ensure maximum levels of safety and quality. A reliable manufacturer should also list ingredients as well as their sources. Please be wary of products which list glucosamine sourced from China since this could cause liver damage.


These treats contain not only glucosamine, but also chondroitin – another natural compound that promotes healthy cartilage and joint function. When taken together with glucosamine, both substances help boost glycosaminoglycan production in the body which serve as protective cushions between joints.

Glucosamine supplements come in numerous forms for dogs to choose from, including chews, jerky treats, powders and liquids. Chews and jerky treats may be more suitable for picky eaters who refuse to swallow tablets or pills but may be less effective than liquids that can be drizzled onto food for easy administration and absorption.

When selecting a glucosamine supplement for your pet, be sure to read and follow its label closely for proper dosage. Certain chews and tablets require you to feed an enormous amount to get enough glucosamine hydrochloride; instead look for something easy for you to administer that has been tailored specifically to their weight.