Good ‘n Fun Triple Flavor Rawhide Chews

good n fun triple flavor

Good ‘n Fun Triple Flavor treats offer your pup something they will truly enjoy: variety! Long-lasting rawhide chews satisfy their natural urge to chew while simultaneously improving dental hygiene by reducing tartar buildup and plaque buildup, improving dental health, and providing long-term relief from its discomfort.

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Good ‘n Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs will surely leave your pup happy! These long-lasting rawhide chews feature real chicken, duck and liver flavors as well as plenty of other irresistible flavor combinations!


Double Pops with Chicken

Sophisticated in design and packed with flavor, these double pop-shaped chew treats from PetSafe contain layers of long-lasting beef hide layered over premium cuts of real chicken and delicious pork flavoring – providing your dog with protein as they reduce tartar build-up and plaque formation.

Rawhide chews provide your pup with an enjoyable way to keep his or her mouth busy while satisfying his or her natural urge to chew. Furthermore, they’re an excellent source of protein, helping reduce tartar buildup and plaque from teeth.

These kabob-shaped rawhide chews feature an irresistibly tasty combination of flavors your pup will love, such as long-term beef hide flavor, juicy chicken meat flavor and hearty chicken liver taste. Not only are these great for providing hours of chewing fun; they can help to reduce tartar build-up and plaque buildup as well.


Tails will wag at these long-lasting chews bursting with delicious meat flavors! Crafted from layers of long-lasting rawhide and pork hide, Blasts feature real chicken meat, delicious duck flavoring, and hearty chicken liver flavor for an irresistibly delicious chew experience! A good source of protein, these triple flavor chews satisfy your mighty chewer’s natural urge to chew while helping reduce tartar build-up while simultaneously helping reduce tartar build-up on teeth and helping decrease tartar buildup on teeth!

Blasts rawhide sticks provide high-protein treats for dogs of all sizes. Crafted from premium cuts of rawhide and pork hide, Blasts offer three tempting flavors that your pup is sure to love. Always choose an item slightly larger than your pup’s mouth to prevent chunking or fragmentation; provide plenty of fresh drinking water; and visit your veterinarian regularly.

Rolls with Peanut Butter

Good ‘n Fun Triple Flavor Rolls with Peanut Butter are long-lasting chews made with layers of durable beef hide, filled with premium chicken meat and wrapped with delicious pork flavor – providing your pup with an irresistibly enjoyable chew experience! Dogs of all sizes love them as a source of protein while their natural chewing action helps reduce tartar and plaque build-up.

These rolled chews offer an irresistibly delicious core of chicken-flavored peanut butter for a truly delightful chew experience. Crafted with long-lasting beef hide and filled with chicken-flavored peanut butter to enhance the experience, their natural chewing action helps reduce tartar build-up while clearing away plaque.

Provide one chew per day under close supervision and select one slightly larger than your dog’s mouth; discard any chunks or fragments. Also provide ample fresh drinking water and make regular visits to your veterinarian.


Good n Fun offers tasty rawhide chews to delight dogs of all kinds. Made from long-lasting beef hide, wrapped with chicken skin and flavored with delectable pork and peanut butter flavors – Good n Fun’s rawhide chews offer three favorite tastes that dogs simply adore! Not only can these satisfying bite-sized treats help satisfy natural urges for chewing but they can also promote better dental hygiene by reducing tartar build-up on teeth and reduce tartar build up!

Good n Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs offer your pup all they love – meat, rawhide, and more – in one delicious treat! These bone-shaped chews are crafted from top quality rawhide and pork hide, filled with flavorful chicken meatballs, delicious duck flavour, and hearty chicken liver flavoring to provide long-term entertainment and satisfy his rawhide chew cravings! Preferred 38-1 by doggy taste tests, Good n Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs provide long-term entertainment and help satisfy his rawhide chew cravings in healthy ways!

Give your pet up to one Good n Fun Triple Flavor chew daily for a satisfying and nutritious chew experience, and always choose one slightly larger than your pet’s mouth so they are safe while chewing. Supervise while they munch away!