Hartz Delectables Bisque Variety Pack

hartz delectables bisque variety pack

Hartz Delectable Bisque Variety Pack provides your cat with an irresistibly tasty wet cat treat in a range of flavors. These 1.4 ounce pouches feature tender real meats in a rich sauce for cats to savor and enjoy.

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These lickable treats are suitable for kittens, adults and seniors alike. They come in stew, savory broths, soft pate and squeeze ups varieties.



Hartz’ delectables bisque variety pack features 12 1.4 ounce lickable pouches in three distinct flavors – tuna & chicken, tuna, and shrimp. Each is a smooth puree of real tuna, chicken or shrimp that your feline friend can enjoy as a treat between meals or tasty kibble topper. Each lickable treat is specially formulated with ingredients that are nutritious and flavorful while easily lap eating for kittens, adults or seniors of any life stage.

This delectable treat is made with the first gourmet combination of tuna and chicken in a purr-worthy texture: bisque.

Nutritional Information

Hartz delectables bisque variety pack provides your cat with a delectable treat and all of the nutrition they need. Made with real fish or chicken for high-quality protein, these lickable cat treats come in 3 delicious flavors: (4 Tuna & Chicken, (4) Tuna and (4) Tuna & Shrimp). In addition, Hartz also offer stew, savory broths, soft pate and squeeze ups in various sizes to suit different appetites.


Treat your cat to a delicious purr-worthy treat made with real tuna, chicken and shrimp in the form of an irresistible lickable treat! This hartz delectables bisque variety pack comes with 12 1.4 ounce lickable pouches in 12 flavors that offer all the nutrients they need in a delicious lickable pouch that he’ll love.

These delicious gourmet treats are the perfect way to reward your cat and show him you care. They make for a quick snack between meals or food topping for picky eaters. Hartz also offers other varieties like stew, savory broths and soft pate; I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for their lickables line!

Bottom Line

Hartz delectables bisque variety pack is the perfect way to introduce your cat to a new texture in their diet. It includes 12 1.4 ounce lickable pouches in 3 different flavors – each one a stew featuring tender meat or fish and an irresistibly rich sauce. These tasty wet treats can be used as a topping on regular cat food, quick snack on-the-go, or special treat that’ll have them licking the bowl clean!

These treats feature flakes of meat or fish suspended in sauce, so cats can enjoy both the meat and sauce at once, helping them finish their treat faster. Flavor options range from chicken + veggies to tuna + shrimp to senior formulation; perfect for picky eaters looking to branch out with something new!