Healthy 3 Ingredient Dog Cake

3 ingredient dog cake

Dogs need healthy meals, but they also deserve treats! This recipe uses all-natural ingredients that are easy for dogs to digest.

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Brown rice, sweet potato and peanut butter come together to form this tummy-friendly cake that’s simple to create! Perfect for celebrating any milestone birthday.

Be sure to choose natural peanut butter free of xylitol when making these treats.


1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter provides dogs with protein and healthy fats they need, as well as digestive support. When selecting natural, smooth peanut butter that is low in sugar or artificial sweeteners (such as xylitol) and high in fiber.

Brown rice is another easily digested grain for dogs, making this delicious no-bake dog cake recipe ideal for celebrating any birthday!

No baking required! Making this delicious no-bake dog cake is easy for even novice pet parents! Simply combine all of the ingredients in a food processor, pour into muffin tins and enjoy! Your pup is sure to love this treat!

2. Applesauce

To add some healthy options to your pet cake, you could use applesauce as a nutritious oil replacement and for additional flavoring. Apples contain many vitamins and antioxidants which make them an ideal addition to their diet; just be sure to purchase varieties without xylitol as this is toxic to dogs.

Add extra flavor and nutrition to your cake by pureeing vegetables or fruits before including them, making sure they can easily digested by all members of the household.

This no-bake dog cake is easy and perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Use it to celebrate birthdays, gotcha days or any special events!

3. Yogurt

Yogurt adds a nutritious boost of protein and dairy, both beloved components in dog cakes. Just be sure to use plain, unsweetened yogurt for optimal flavor without added ingredients like xylitol which may be toxic to their pups.

Yogurt can add moisture and help the cake stay together, as well as adding an additional sweet element, such as honey. Although these treats may taste great, it is still important to limit their intake while offering variety to maintain balanced digestion in your pet’s system.

If you don’t have time to bake from scratch, there are numerous dog-friendly cake mixes designed specifically for their special day available on the market that offer peanut butter, pumpkin or cheesecake flavors! Additionally, many come equipped with bone-shaped molds, candles and frosting mixes, making this option the ideal way to quickly plan a dog birthday party!

4. Flour

Flour helps this recipe hold together and gives the dog cake its texture. Any kind of flour will work, though oat flour is particularly suitable as it’s gluten-free and easy for dogs to digest.

If you don’t already have any oat flour on hand, making your own can be easy by grinding up one cup of dry oats in a blender or food processor until powdery. As an alternative option, chickpea flour could also work as an alternative source of nutrients and fiber.

Making use of fresh ingredients like peanut butter, natural yogurt and carrots, you can easily create a nutritious cake rich in fiber, protein and disease-fighting antioxidants for your dog to enjoy! Just make sure it does not become the mainstay of their diet – treats should only make up a part of their daily meals!