Healthy Food in Canary Wharf

canary wharf healthy food

Visiting Canary Wharf does not have to mean only after-work booze-ups and power lunches. There are some delicious and nutritious restaurants in the area, serving a range of international cuisine. Rather than relying on the big chains, many of these establishments are independent, and serving more local, healthy dishes. Below are some of the best spots to try. If you’re new to the area, consider visiting some of these restaurants.

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The Japanese-fusion restaurant SuBUSake has a new location in Shoreditch. The food stall uses organic, free-range meat and spices from around the world. It also focuses on healthy eating, with half of its menu being vegetarian or vegan, and a corresponding menu that focuses on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant also serves vegan-friendly fare, including its signature organic acai bowl.


For people looking for a fresh juice, the canary Wharf location of SuperNatural is a great choice. It serves a variety of juices as well as smoothies, and is conveniently located near the Canary Wharf Tube station. The juice bar’s daily specials include the Ziggy Stardust, which contains passionfruit, guarana, banana, dates, apple, and whey protein.

The menu is composed of fresh produce, and many of its dishes are made by hand using locally sourced ingredients. There is an international list of specialist produce available, and staff members are former mixologists and bartenders who aim to capitalize on the current trend for healthy drinking. However, you should check out the menu first to find out what it entails. Then, grab a seat at the SuperNatural Canary Wharf and get to know the food menu better.

Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen

If you’ve ever wanted to taste Indian cuisine, Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen in Canary Wharf, London, is the place to go. This Indian gastronomic adventure is sure to satisfy your cravings for spicy and delicious food. The menu features a variety of traditional dishes from India, and you can enjoy a delicious meal while soaking up the atmosphere.

The chef has been developing signature dishes over the years, including an organic salmon marinated in green chutney and grilled in a tandoor. Another dish, the beef Xacutti, has 21 ingredients and three stages of cooking. There’s also a dessert called bebinca, which is a coconut milk pancake baked in layers. A gourmet tasting menu, including small plates of food to taste, is also available.

Ivy in the Park View

Located in the heart of Canary Wharf, The Ivy in the Park offers modern British classics, Asian-inspired dishes, and even some vegetarian and vegan options. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant offers both healthy and affordable options. The food is fresh and prepared in a timely manner, with special attention paid to fresh ingredients. Its staff is trained to make your dining experience a positive one, and the atmosphere is elegant and classy.

For a more relaxed meal, try Hawksmoor Canary Wharf. Located in Lincoln Plaza in Canary Wharf, this restaurant offers classic British dishes along with some inventive cocktails. All fish is sourced from the nearby Billingsgate Market, so you can be sure to find fresh and tasty fish. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply want to celebrate work, this restaurant offers delicious food at reasonable prices.

Giant Robot

The CoviD-19 situation at Giant Robot in Canary Wharf means that the famous street food joint is currently closed. But if you’re in the mood for some great craft beer and cocktails, this is the place for you! You can chow down on a Black Bear burger, chicken wings from Thunderbird or enjoy the fantastic cocktails at the Island Bar. For a night out, you’ll find a diverse selection of craft beer on tap and some great cocktails at the Island Bar.

The Giant Robot is not a dingy warehouse, but a bright and airy space surrounded by tall buildings. It has a sci-fi-esque name, giant metal frame, and a retro font sign. The restaurant’s rooftop bar has a view of the river and offers 38 beers on tap. You’ll be able to grab a tasty meal here and sip a pint of craft beer or enjoy a tropical cocktail.