Healthy Puppy Treats For Dogs

healthy puppy treats

Fresh fruits and vegetables can make healthy treats for dogs, provided they do not contain ingredients which could trigger allergies or other issues. Try carrots, zucchini and squash (remove seeds if applicable).

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Snap peas are another healthy treat that’s safe for dogs – just make sure not to feed them from a can! Packed full of fiber and essential nutrients, snap peas provide your pup with all sorts of good energy for playing around outside!


Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are low-caloric training treats designed to aid your puppy’s learning of commands. Each one contains only 3.5 calories, so they can be given repeatedly during training sessions without overfeeding your pup.

This company offers other treats as well, including dental chews and jerky treats. All their products are sourced and manufactured within the US with some items like rabbit and venison treats coming from New Zealand.

However, some buyers have reported that their treats are too hard and dry for their pets – this issue may have more to do with storage practices than with the product itself.

Blue Buffalo Bite’s

Ideal for training, these soft-moist treats contain healthy proteins from chicken and salmon as well as DHA for cognitive support and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health.

These tasty bone-shaped treats offer a satisfying crunch that’s gentle on teeth while helping keep them free of tartar build-up. Made with fortified vitamins and minerals from apples and carrots, plus antioxidants derived from apples and carrots.

Food of Choice’s food line features different formulas designed to meet specific dietary requirements such as high-protein or limited ingredient diets. They use natural ingredients to promote immunity, and include LifeSource Bits supplements of nutrients for an additional nutritional boost.

Spot Farms Turkey Jerky

This tasty treat is created using human-grade ingredients and USDA cage-free chicken. Additionally, this tasty snack features vitamin E and healthy fats to maintain beautiful fur in your pup.

These chewy jerky treats are low in calories and made using only premium, all-natural ingredients from within the USA and produced using small batch USDA kitchens.

This training treat for puppies has won rave reviews among pet parents on Chewy and is packed with protein from chicken sourced in the US as well as quinoa, apples, carrots and flaxseed sourced in Italy.

Bubba Rose Cheese Chews

These bite-sized treats make a healthy choice for training sessions with your pup. With no fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors sourced right here in America – these treats make training sessions even easier!

These grain-free treats are loaded with protein and Omega 3 fatty acids for an incredible protein/Omega 3 combination, are hypoallergenic, and do not contain corn, wheat or soy – ideal treats to give to your dog!

These nutritious dog treats are an ideal solution for teething puppies, helping prevent tartar build-up while strengthening teeth. Plus, they may even be suitable for pups who have food sensitivities!

Luau Time Treats

As with babies, puppies have short attention spans and require high-value treats to keep them engaged during training sessions. Puppy-safe treats should be smaller in size to suit their small mouths and include ingredients which support overall dog health.

These bite-sized training treats are free from wheat, corn, soy and artificial flavors and colors. Their slow baking gives your pup something they’ll truly enjoy, plus they provide fiber and stomach-calming ginger for added wellness benefits! All products are proudly produced in the United States of America!

Zuke’s Grain-Free Beef & Chicken Chews

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are bite-sized treats designed for puppy training. Crafted with high-protein meat and nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits to provide your pup with energy, plus fortified with vitamins and minerals for extra vigor!

These treats are free from wheat, corn, dairy products and meat by-products and contain glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints in your pup. Each bite-sized treat weighs just three calories each – perfect for every trainable moment throughout your journey together.

Snook’s Sweet Potato & Smoked Salmon Treats

Reward your puppy during training sessions with high-protein treats made of nutritious ingredients. These freeze-dried treats contain lean meat as their first ingredient and can even be broken up into training bites to extend his food supply.

Keep your pup calm and focused with these soft puppy chews designed to encourage brain and eye development. Containing healthy doses of omega-3 fatty acids, they are free from corn, wheat, soy and artificial flavors for added peace of mind.

Riley’s Organic Frozen Yogurt

Puppies need small, tasty treats for their small mouths and healthy, high-value treats to encourage training sessions.

One option available to you is ORIJEN Puppy High-Protein Grain-Free biscuits, designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of puppies. Packed full of animal proteins and superfoods to promote puppy development.

These tasty crunchy bites contain only 32 Calories each and no artificial fillers or fillers! Made in the United States!