Healthy, Tasty, and Safe Dog Jerky Treats

When selecting dog jerky treats, ensure they are nutritious, tasty, and safe for your pup. Make sure there is transparency regarding ingredients used and where the treat was produced.

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Decide on a chew that suits both the size and teeth of your dog, avoiding treats with large pieces that might pose a choking hazard.


Full Moon Chicken Jerky

Full Moon dog treats are made from human-grade ingredients that have been sourced from small farms and ranches across the US, and also come with organic options for dogs with sensitivities to corn and other fillers. Their slow cooked jerky will bring out its hearty and savory flavors that your pup will adore; with no glycerin, grains, corn, wheat or soy as fillers – not to mention no animal byproducts, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors included either!

Full Moon uses low heat thermal extrusion, which preserves more of the natural proteins present in their recipes, to preserve more natural proteins in their treats. They use only ethically raised poultry from cage-free USA farms; heritage pork from America; and ranch raised beef raised under strict ethical standards for their recipes. All treats made by Full Moon are GFSI compliant and BRC or SQF Food Safety Standard certified kitchens for production; due to the high calorie content it’s wise to feed these treats sparingly to your pet!

Blue Buffalo Nudges Jerky Cuts

Nudges Natural Dog Treats Jerky Cuts made with real beef are slow oven dried for easy tear-opening and packed with protein for the health of both pet and owner alike. Made of real beef and completely free from corn, wheat or soy as well as animal byproducts or artificial flavors or preservatives; they make an enjoyable way to celebrate everyday moments with your companion pet! BLUE Nudges provide a nutritious way to celebrate everyday moments!

Made in USA. Ingredients include chicken, rice, vegetable glycerin, salt, sugar, vinegar, natural flavorings and paprika for coloring purposes. Daily Feeding Chart for Small/Medium Dogs (11-25 lbs) – 1/2 treat; Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs.) – one treat and Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) – three treats.

Rocco & Roxie’s Jerky Sticks

Rocco & Roxie’s gourmet jerky sticks contain no added sugar, salt, or other unhealthy additives – an ideal choice for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Slow roasted for 10 hours for optimal texture, these chews also contain an abundance of protein to ensure your pup feels satisfied when dining on them!

These jerky sticks are made with US beef and do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, garlic powder or any other potentially harmful substances. Furthermore, their low sodium content makes them suitable for dogs with diabetes or other health conditions.

Training treats from this company make an ideal training treat and will keep your pup interested while chewing. Sign up for their subscription service, and they’ll deliver a box full of natural, healthy chews such as jerky, bully sticks, meat bones or even pig ears straight to your doorstep every month – this makes an excellent solution for multi-dog households to ensure everyone receives their preferred chew!

Alpo Jerky Sticks

Alpo Variety Snaps are handcrafted jerky sticks crafted with premium meat and calcium for healthy teeth and bones, without artificial flavors or harmful ingredients – baked right here in America with pride! Additionally, there’s no gluten or grains involved and no added nitrites, nitrates, or MSG to worry about either!

Beef jerky sticks contain high concentrations of protein and low levels of carbs, making it a healthier snack option than most others. Jerky may help maintain a healthy weight while increasing energy levels; furthermore, its zinc and iron content makes it beneficial for those suffering from health conditions such as cancer or anemia.

These tasty jerky sticks are handcrafted using only high-grade beef from American farms and boast an irresistibly soft texture that dogs love! Perfect for long walks and car trips alike, or rewarding training. Also ideal as part of CACFP to substitute meat/meat products!