Hen-Tastic Chicken Treats

hentastic chicken treats

Your flock will stay happy and energized with these herb-filled chicken treats, packed with extra protein, concentrated energy and probiotics. Perfect to pair with our hanging treat feeder.

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Keep in mind that high protein treats should only be offered occasionally to your flock – for events like moulting and stress relief. Perhaps try offering these in a dig box or food puzzle.


Dried Mealworm Chicken Treats

Chickens love these high-protein snacks as a source of nutrition, appealing to their natural instinct to hunt and forage for insects. Rich in proteins, fats, crude fiber and vitamins they’re also ideal for wild birds, ducks, reptiles and hamsters!

These treats are easy to hand feed, scatter or add to a dish for rewarding training or taming purposes or during molting season, to replenish protein depleted muscles. Furthermore, this healthy alternative to live mealworms requires no refrigeration or special handling procedures – an added advantage!

These freeze-dried mealworms provide chickens with a tasty source of nutrition that’s great for training and taming hens, or can simply be scattered around their coop as snacks! Packed full of proteins, fats and amino acids they’re an ideal treat. Also great for wild birds, hamsters and hedgehogs.

Probiotic Jumbo Chicken Treats

Suet mixed with mealworm chunks and herbs is a nutritious treat, packed with nutrients for concentrated energy, extra protein and probiotics – perfect for hanging jumbo chicken treat feeders! Made with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs such as mint, oregano, parsley and turmeric to support digestive, immune health and laying health – as well as fortified with probiotics for enhanced digestion, immunity support and egg production! Contains no meat byproducts nor pesticides/herbicides/ synthetic fertilizers!

This supplement boasts 500 million probiotics per ounce, and is specifically formulated to support digestive tract health.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help restore balance in an animal’s digestive system by helping balance healthy microbes with disease-causing ones [1, 2]. Young animals’ GI tracts are particularly prone to colonization by Salmonella enteritidis and could benefit from supplementation with antibiotic-free probiotic preparations designed to foster a desirable intestinal microbial ecosystem [2, 3]. Studies indicate that probiotics increase feed intake and bodyweight gains among poultry flocks. [4,5,6].

Mealworm & Oregano Chicken Treats

Your backyard flock deserves to be treated to a delicious mix of mealworms, suet and herbs! Packed with high levels of protein and fat from mealworms as well as premium suet, these pellets will keep them healthy and active! Oregano in these treats boasts antioxidant and herbal benefits that aid normal avian functions, making them an excellent addition to platform feeders or trough feeders. Plus, the resealable bag ensures fresh treats every time! Set these chicken treats out on the ground to promote natural foraging behavior among your coop’s inhabitants. Made of wheat flour, vegetable oil, glucose, mealworm chunks, peanut flour, yellow coloring (for oregano and coloring purposes), coloring (yellow), peanut flour as well as other ingredients – an allergen warning should be issued – these 16 oz resealable bags were Made in USA.

Unipet is the industry leader for poultry nutrition products.

High Energy Suet Chicken Treats

Omlet’s Caddi Chicken Treat Holder includes this tasty treat made exclusively by Omlet for optimal nutritional value; these chicken pecker balls are high in protein and made with herbs and aniseed for irresistibility, perfect for encouraging moulting, winter weather conditions or broody birds who require additional motivation in order to lay eggs. For best results we suggest feeding small quantities a few times each week so as to prevent overfeeding; concentrated high protein foods should only be given during times when your flock needs support or suffering through difficulty.