High Protein Snacks For Chickens

Chickens love treats and snacks, but please remember they differ from supplemental feed and should only be provided occasionally or as special treats to your flock.

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High protein foods make wonderful treats for your flock and can be especially important during molting seasons. Please keep this in mind as too much protein can actually decrease egg production and overall health.


Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds provide your flock with a protein-rich snack with 19% protein and are rich in both Vitamin A (for eye health) and potassium and zinc, both of which help relieve heat exhaustion symptoms.

They contain an amino acid which naturally assists livestock in ridding themselves of intestinal parasites like tapeworms and roundworms, so if your neighbors give you their old Jack-o’-lanterns as treats for your flock, just ensure they are clean of googly eyes, stickers or candle wax before giving it to them.

Always offer high protein snacks sparingly to your flock – no more than one teaspoon daily per bird – since too much protein may overtax their liver and kidneys and lead to dehydration and other illnesses in chickens. So make sure that these treats are offered when necessary, such as during times such as molting or winter survival.

Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

These crunchy creatures make an excellent addition to a healthy diet for chickens. BSFL are packed full of proteins, lipids and amino acids like lysine, methionine and threonine – essential nutrients for poultry health. In addition, BSFL are an excellent source of calcium.

Hens are particularly fond of these tasty treats, making a great supplement to their diets. At 45% protein and rich in calcium content, these snacks not only encourage egg laying but also ensure stronger shells for strong eggs.

Black soldier fly larvae can be eaten straight out of the bag or mixed in with other feed, making them a healthy alternative to mealworms, which contain more fat. Grown from pre-consumer food waste, these larvae offer a sustainable solution to animal feed; reduced landfill and greenhouse gases as a result, plus they make healthy treats for backyard chickens, reptiles, fish and wild animals alike! Our freeze dried option keeps 97% of their nutrition intact!

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds make a delectable treat for chickens, and should be fed throughout the day as part of their commercial feed. Just be sure to chop up into small pieces so they do not pose a choking hazard – especially for younger chickens!

Sunflower seed can help boost chicken immunity with its high concentration of vitamin E and small amount of zinc and selenium. However, it should be remembered that sunflower seeds contain many unhealthy fats that should only be fed as an occasional healthy treat.

Like humans, backyard chickens require energy for daily activities like roaming their yard safely, avoiding predators and laying eggs. While commercial feed will provide this nourishment, healthy snacks may provide additional nutrition that’s otherwise unavailable in their regular diet. Just make sure not to overdo it as excessive treats could cause digestive distress in chickens.


Supplementing their feed with other high-protein foods is necessary if they do not get enough from their natural diet, but be wary when feeding treats high in both fat and protein; only give small quantities at one time as too much could reduce egg production and negatively affect health.

Addition of high protein treats is especially essential when your flock is molting; their bodies require extra protein in order to reproduce feathers and produce eggs again. Foraging alone won’t do it!

Fish is a nutritious way to satisfy the omnivorous nature of your flock and treat them to something tasty! Fresh fish is full of protein while oily varieties (such as sardines or tuna) provide some Omega 3 oils too!