Hikari Bearded Dragon Diet

hikari bearded dragon food

The hikari bearded dragon diet contains high levels of natural ingredients, is simple to feed, and is far better than live food. However, there are several factors to consider before buying this food. Here, I’ll explain why this diet is better than live food and offer some helpful tips to keep your pet healthy. Keep reading to find out more! Listed below are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a bearded dragon food diet.

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High levels of natural ingredients

Hikari’s Bearded Dragon Food is made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Hikari’s proprietary Hikari-Germ probiotic reduces fecal odor and supports immune system health. Hikari bearded dragon food is formulated with a scientific blend of plant and insect ingredients. The high-quality formula contains precise levels of vitamins and minerals. Hikari’s Bearded Dragon Food is available at pet stores.

The best bearded dragon food contains high levels of natural ingredients. Bearded dragons prefer a diet rich in greens, such as kale. It is a great choice of food for the bearded dragon because it is rich in vitamin C, A, and K. The green tops of carrots are good for your beardie but you should avoid giving it too much carrot as the vitamin A can be toxic. Zucchini is another safe option but it lacks nutrients.

Easy to feed

A great way to keep your Hikari’s weight down is to offer him a variety of live foods. Rather than giving him a small amount of vegetables everyday, try mixing them up to provide the best nutrition and variety. Choosing live foods should be based on how well they are absorbed into your beardie’s system, as well as their cost and ease of storage. Try to vary the type of animal matter you give your beardie, too, to give your dragon a varied diet.

The Hikari reptile food range is particularly suitable for smaller, omnivorous reptiles. Its high quality, nutritionally complete formula reduces the need for routine enclosure maintenance and helps reduce odour. Hikari bearded dragons and other lizards that eat fruits and vegetables can also benefit from a diet rich in vegetables. Hikari bearded dragon food is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced owners alike, thanks to its easy-to-use gel products.

Better than live food

Hikari bearded dragon food is far superior to live foods for a variety of reasons. Not only does it contain higher levels of natural ingredients, but it also meets strict nutritional specifications. Hikari bearded dragon food also contains mealworms and silkworm pupae, which are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients. It also contains less odour than live foods and doesn’t require ongoing enclosure maintenance. And since Hikari products are made with the highest quality ingredients, you can be confident that they are genuinely healthy for your pet.

The best bearded dragon food is the kind that closely resembles its natural diet. As a young reptile, bearded dragons need a lot of protein. So, it’s essential to feed them the right kinds of insects, crickets and plants every day. This way, their bodies can absorb all the essential nutrients they need to grow. If you want to supplement your bearded dragon’s diet with live food, make sure to offer it some crickets, preferably as a daily treat.


Hikari bearded dragon food is a premium pellet that contains all the nutrients your pet needs to thrive and survive. It contains Hikari-Germ, a probiotic supplement that boosts the immune system of your lizard, and the same nutritious ingredients as live food. These pellets are easy to feed and keep fresh for long periods of time. You can use a finger or tongs to feed your beardie with Hikari Dragon Delite. Its soft, chewy texture is reminiscent of the food that the species eats as it lives in the wild. Hikari Dragon Delite is made with mealworm, silkworm, apple, and vegetable ingredients.

Hikari bearded dragon food comes in various sizes and prices. One can buy a 20-gram container for a single lizard, while a 30-gram pouch contains one serving. Hikari’s gel is available in different colours and sizes, so you’ll need to look for the one that best suits your beardie’s species. In addition to the high quality, Hikari’s gel is available in a wide range of flavours.

Meal worms

Meal worms are excellent hikari bearded dragon foods. They contain tannic acid, which is a natural preservative. Other foods that contain tannic acid include avocados, peas, fava beans, grapes, and grain. Pellets do not stick to the lizard’s skin or to the enclosure’s surface, making it easy to feed with a feeding tool. Nugget-shaped food is also easy to feed with tongs or forceps. The texture is similar to that of the lizard’s tongue, making it easy to feed them from a bowl.

Meal worms are not toxic to bearded dragons, but they are high in fat and low in calcium. They can be tough for a young beardie to digest, and if given to a juvenile or adult, could lead to serious health problems. In addition to mealworms, you should also watch for excessive fat or overfeeding. If your beardie has been eating crickets for several months, you may want to consider giving him a mealworm once a week.


Hikari bearded dragon food is made with a blend of natural ingredients. Hikari DragonGel is packaged and contains Hikari selected ingredients in each mouthful. Hikari DragonGel also significantly reduces the odour and does not stick to the enclosure’s surface. Hikari bearded dragon food is free from preservatives. It is best to give Hikari a small portion of its diet each day, and supplement it with fruit and vegetables in the form of fruit.

You can feed your beardie several types of fruits and vegetables, and you can add a small amount of meat protein to the diet as well. Bearded dragons should eat two to three meals a day. You can feed your dragon gut-loaded insects, such as crickets, earthworms, and black soldier fly larvae. These foods are great sources of protein and fiber, and are also safe for your beardie.