Hikari Guppies Food

hikari guppy food micro

Guppies require a diet rich in both plant and meaty proteins. Furthermore, they should consume plenty of algae-based products which provide a source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

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The world’s smallest fish food pellet! Softens in water but remains undissolved; its encapsulation prevents dissipation of vitamins and minerals; slowly sinks allowing all levels of the tank access to nutrition; contains chitosan and stabilized vitamin C for increased resistance against disease.



Created specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of guppies and livebearers, this food features high concentrations of linolenic acid which promotes growth, health, breeding, as well as activating it. Furthermore, its chitosan-stabilized vitamin C combination promotes disease resistance.

Hikari Granules are coated in their exclusive micro coating to lock in nutrition and eliminate nutrient loss and water clouding, while still remaining semi-floating to provide all fish in your tank access to food. Our formula features Krill as a natural source of Astaxanthin to promote vivid coloration as well as Seaweed which offers abundant iodine sources.

Hikari Tropical Semi Floating Micro Pellets, Fancy Guppy Micro Pellets and Vibrabites Baby are perfect foods to keep small tropical fish thriving in an aquarium. Feed the amount they can consume within minutes two or three times each day without overfeeding to prevent ammonia and nitrite spikes that occur due to over-feeding.


Hikari Tropical Semi Floating Micro Pellets, Fancy Guppy Micro Pellets and Vibrabites Baby are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of small livebearing tropical fish species. Each product provides essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements necessary to promote health, support growth and improve coloration in tropical fish.

These protein rich, semi-floating granules sink slowly, providing access to fish at all levels of their tank. Their innovative micro-coating virtually eliminates nutrition loss while helping prevent clouding of the water. Rich in linolenic acid to support growth, promote good health and facilitate breeding processes; plus chitosan and stabilized vitamin C which promote high resistance against diseases; plus special iodine from seaweed for overall conditioning purposes.

Feed two to three times daily as much food as your guppy will consume in one minute, taking care not to over-feed and immediately disposing of any uneaten food to maintain water quality issues.


This semi-floating diet, which boasts of being the world’s smallest fish food pellet, contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients required by tropical aquarium inhabitants. This special formulation promotes rapid growth, strengthened immune systems and better coloration; additionally it is packed with chitosan to improve water conditions; stabilized Vitamin C for high disease resistance and natural sources of iodine from seaweed to improve reproductive capacity.

Hikari Fancy Guppy and Hikari Micro Pellets are almost interchangeable; with only minor variations relating to concentration levels of crude protein, crude fat, ash and Vitamin A&D3. Both choices make excellent choices for dwarf aquarium fish.

Feed two to three times daily only the amount that your fish can consume within one minute, making sure any uneaten food is removed to avoid overfeeding and water quality issues. In case of overfeeding, remove all food immediately and clean out your aquarium tank immediately.


Hikari Tropical Semi Floating Micro Pellets and Fancy Guppy Micro Pellets provide your fish with essential vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients formulated specifically to meet the unique dietary needs of guppies and other small tropical fish species.

The unique micro coating ensures optimum nutrition is locked in and eliminates water clouding, offering soft texture pellets with carefully chosen protein sources, beneficial algaes and attractive colors – including astaxanthin-rich krill for vibrant hues and seaweed as a source of iodine for better iodine availability.

Hikari Fancy Guppy contains high concentrations of crude protein, crude fat, ash and Vitamin A; Hikari Micro Pellets offer higher amounts of crude fiber, phosphorus and Vitamin C. Feed your fish two to three times each day only the amount that they can consume within minutes.